Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More Catching Up!

Hi again…remember me?  
My blog goal at the beginning of the year was to get "up-to-date", but since it’s already APRIL, I realize that was a pretty unrealistic goal.  So in an effort to catch up on is ONE big blog post dedicated to the last 5 months of my life. Don't worry - I'll only post the blog-worthy stuff. (or stuff I don't want to forget) and I'll do it in bullet-point format (my favorite) for those who just want to skim through! 
Don't worry - I'll understand if nobody cares what I did in November. lol.

  • Key West, Florida

My bestie of all time got married in November in Key West, FL and it was perfect. Here are some things I learned about Key West: 

  1. It’s not beachy.
  2. There are roosters EVERYWHERE.
  3. Everyone is drinking 24/7. (except me since I was pregnant).
  4. You should not go to Key West when you are pregnant.

So who watched Leah? Well we had to drive 8 hours to Memphis so my mom could watch her while we were in FL for 4 days, which made for an extra long travel trip, but worth it knowing Leah was in good hands.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on how our first flight was cancelled and therefore we didn’t even fly out until the morning of the wedding – arriving 2 hours before the ceremony even started. I don’t have the best luck with flights unfortunately, but we made it - just in time!!

    • West Palm Beach, Florida

    Chris’s brother got married in December in West Palm Beach, FL. Luckily it was a family wedding so we were so excited to take Leah on her first trip to FL, and got to ride on an airplane for the first time.  She did great!
    Leah was the flower girl at the wedding and did absolutely amazing….she also partied hard and danced her little heart out all night. She LOVES parties. We also had fun at the pool and had lots of fun meals with family and friends while we were there. It was a great time in FL.

    • The Holidays
    Since we traveled so much in November and December and got to see a lot of family – we decided to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at our own little casa in Cincinnati. It was nice cooking a delish Thanksgiving dinner on our own (I made some amazing sweet pototoe casserole and the gravy…and chris made the rest.) It was probably the best thanksgiving meal I ever had. (sorry mom!)

    And on Christmas Eve, we went to Chris’s aunt’s house. Leah had a lot of fun playing with all her little cousins.  And Christmas Day was spent at home playing with toys and cooking a delicious homecooked meal. Leah got a new play kitchen from Santa, which was her "big gift"....and also loved all the smaller gifts like play doh, makeup kit, games, and a new pink coat.

    NYE/Chris’s birthday – we started the day with a birthday brunch at a local restaurant…then we had a small party at our house and it was so much fun.  Leah actually stayed up until midnight and we are still trying to fix that problem. Lol. All of chris’s close friends came and we made tons of food and had lots of drinks, so it was a lot of fun.

    Ya'll, this brings me into 2018 finally!!

    So far in 2018....I've been focusing on having fun with Leah, being pregnant, and getting our house ready for the new baby.

    1. Leah. She is the cutest kid around. 
    She seriously has the sweetest soul and is also really goofy. I just love her little personality. She always says "please and thank you" and does the funniest "funny face" and wants to show it to people all the time. She's becoming quite the picky eater - but I can always rely on cheese and crackers to fill up her tummy if nothing else will. She did recently start eating peanut butter straight out of the jar too.....protein, right???

    2. House Stuff.
    Our furnace went out the day after Christmas - leaving us at home in frigid temps for 3 days until they could replace it with a new one! ($5K+) We bundled with space heaters and all slept in one bed to keep warm...definitely not an ideal way to spend the holidays.  
    We also added built ins around our fireplace which I love - so I didn't mind the cost of it ($3K) because I've been wanting them since we moved in! They are perfect and exactly what I wanted.

    Also, we are finishing up our basement since we need the space now that baby #2 is almost here. That's another $10k to build out a bedroom wall and put up drywall, take down our drop ceiling and replace it with a drywalled one, and get all new doors, etc, and $2K for the carpet & installation, and we probably spent another $3k more on paint and all the other things that go with it.  (And we haven't even purchased furniture yet!) So yeah...feeling a tad bit broke. Pictures of the new basement coming soon....

    3. Pregnancy
    I haven't really taken the time to take a lot of bump photos. Sorry Baby #2. 
    But time is flying by and I don't have as much free-time as I did last pregnancy.  I'm also much bigger this time around - and this is a HARDER pregnancy.  Why does everything hurt??? I can't wait until my feet and legs stop swelling. And I can't wait for people to stop asking me if I'm having twins or if I'm "overdue".  (insert eye-roll here!) (Photos are from 21W, 26W, 31W & 32W)

    That's all for anyone still reading this?? lol
    I'll be back soon with more recent least that's the plan! :)

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