Thursday, May 4, 2017

Life Lately

My life has been super busy lately.  Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm+ is spent running from meeting to meeting  and working hard at crossing items off my endless to do list. I'm managing several large projects at work so my brain is in constant overdrive in these hours.  Then, I leave work to pick up Leah from daycare, drive home and after I change out of my work clothes (into sweatpants, duh!), I start making Leah dinner. She eats, we play, I bathe her, we play....I rock and sing her to sleep.
AND THEN....I finally get some "relaxation time"'s enough time to eat dinner with my husband, watch an hour of tv and go to sleep.  Ya'll....Monday-Friday is hard!
(and yes I know, I only have ONE kid! ha.)
Sooooo, on the weekends I always try to do something fun with Leah, and lately we've been having so much fun finding new things to do.

We've been loooooving the zoo and have been 4-5 times this year.  We went on Easter weekend with some friends, and went again this past weekend. (for $3 you can feed the giraffes!!)
Leah also enjoyed her first Easter Egg hunt at a local church.  It was so much fun, especially because we ran into some cousins while we were there! She actually got two eggs with prize numbers in it! She won a cup and a gift card for a McDonalds happy meal!
We attended story time at a bookstore. It was a cute little event, and I was surprised that Leah continued to wear her crown. We also went to Starbucks one morning, and the manager gave her a complimentary cake pop (for being the cutest customer, I'm assuming!)  She didn't like it very much - which I was happy about since he gave her a cake pop for BREAKFAST! (where's my eyeroll emoji)

 One day in April, our friend hosted a "crab fest" and it was amazing. We had endless crab legs and other delicious foods and the company of all of our sweet friends. It was such a fun day and Leah spent the day playing with all her friends.
One weekend, we met friends at the Cincinnati Butterfly Exhibit.  This event was one of CV & I's first dates, so being able to take Leah to this event was super special to me.

Afterwards, CV and I stopped by Eden Park, which has amazing views of the Ohio River. Then, we went to El Toro, a Mexican restaurant, where Leah devoured an entire beef taco! :)
On Easter, we made brunch reservations at Parkers, which has a killer brunch spread. The only downfall is it's like $40 a person and CV and I probably only ate like $4 worth of food that day. Luckily, Leah got her money worth by tasting bacon for the first time. SHE LOVES BACON!
And those have been our fun and eventful weekends in Cincinnati lately!!
What are some fun activities you do with your toddler!?? 

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