Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Things I love...

Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I would list a few things I'm loving lately...

+ my sweet family
+ that Paisley (our dog) turns 15 years old today
+ Leah turning 20 months old yesterday
+ new basement floors
+ selling our old washer and getting it out of our basement
+ my bestie, Alison, due with baby #2 any day now
+ Leah's beautiful eyelashes
+ my hubby's amazing cooking skills
+ my 2 miles commute to work
+ new coworkers to eat lunch with
+ my new Jujube diaper backpack
+ CV bringing me Cool Ranch Doritos yesterday (even though I'm trying to eat better!)
+ spending the evening soaking in our hot tub
+ black and white pictures
(This picture is one of my all-time favorites!)

What are you loving today???


Erin LFF said...

Your photography is always gorgeous, Jax! :) Can't believe lil Leah is on her way to being 2!!!!

Kayla MKOY said...

Goodness gracious those LASHES! Ahh!! :) Leah is so beautiful, girl!