Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Highlights

 January Highlights:

+ We started the year in Memphis visiting my family.
+ CV bought me pretty flowers.
+ Had so much fun at the Cincinnati Zoo on an unusually warm Saturday.
+ Went to our friends house for dinner and watched our kids play together.
+ Leah went down the park slide 100x in one day.
+ Leah tried Skyline for the first time. She was skeptical at first but finally enjoyed dipping her crackers in the chili.
+ I celebrated my pregnant friend, Alison, with a baby shower.
+ Leah got upgraded to Toddler 1 class at daycare and transitioned from a crib to a cot.
+ Leah bathed in Crayola Bath Colors.
+ I finally got my hair cut and colored.
+ I had the most relaxing 80min massage at Woodhouse Day Spa.
+ We played at the Cincinnati Children's Museum.
+ I turned 34 years old! (and Leah turned 19 months!) :)
+ CV bought me amazing birthday flowers and prepared my meal of choice. (Salmon and Brussel Sprouts!)
What were your highlights this month?

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Betsy Lynn said...

My husband's family is from Ohio. So now it is a ritual that when we go we have to make sure we hit up Skyline and Graeter's. I love them both now!