Friday, January 13, 2017

Five Questions for Mommas!!

I decided to focus my "Friday Five" post about Five Questions I have for fellow mommas out there. Please share your wisdom with me!!!

1. When did you start potty training??? Leah actually tells me every time she goes "peepee" and "poopoo" and tugs at her diaper. Just by her knowing what is going on, I feel like she's getting close to being able to be potty trained. What do you think? She is almost 19months old....any suggestions on where to begin or did you do anything that worked???

2. When did you stop using sippy cups??? Leah actually drinks milk out of a "learner cup" and I'm wondering I should move her to more of a "big girl" cup. I've given her other cups but she loves to purposely spill things so I'm still stuck on this learner cup because it doesn't spill/leak.  I would love to try more straw cups, but they seem to all leak when you turn them upside down, and Leah loves doing that! Any suggestions???

3.  When did you give your child a pillow to sleep with?? I folded a blanket and tucked it under her fitted sheet to act as a "practice pillow". She uses it sometimes, but she still moves around a lot in bed. What age did you give your kiddo a pillow...and when did you move them out of the crib, or take a side of the crib down?

4. Why is it so hard to brush Leah's teeth? All she wants to do is suck the water off the toothbrush and does not actually brush her teeth.  I researched dentists and a lot of them won't see her until she is two.  Any suggestions on how I can brush her teeth??? I'd hate to go to her first dentist appointment and get any bad news.
5. Is there anything else I should be thinking of for a 19month old??? Haha, such a general question, but it's hard to remember everything I should be doing at this point. So much going on with her fast development!!

THANKS so much to all my mommas out there who are reading this! I really appreciate any responses of your experiences!!


Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Luke is 2 now (~28 months), so that is my gauge to answer your questions :)
1. We tried earlier, around 20-24 months (don't remember), because he was tugging, staying dry for longer periods of time, telling us sometimes...but overall, he wasn't interested. I did not want to push. We still aren't potty trained but he's working on it at home and school. He went in the potty on Tuesday. Every other day he's just sat there. We give him a tiny marshmallow for sitting on the potty. That's the ONLY time he gets a marshmallow. When he goes in the potty he gets something else (at school he got a little bouncy ball for his results).

2. Stopped sippy cups when he switched to the 2 year old room at daycare. He can use a cup without a lid and regularly does so, but sometimes at home or in the car we do still use a sippy, for "safety" (meaning when I can't clean up a big mess ha)

3. Pillow to sleep with -about 19 months. I got him the "My First Pillow" from Buy Buy Baby. I was regularly finding him with his blanket balled up under his head, so I felt okay about giving it to him.

4. Brushing teeth is still a struggle so I don't have any good advice there. I try to make it fun but that's not always successful (for ex, he has a Thomas tooth brush and when we open our mouth to brush the back, I tell him Thomas is going in the tunnel). I always brush my teeth when he does, in an attempt to "model" how to brush. I talked to the dentist the last time I was there for my own appointment, and she said we were doing all the right things, that with kids it just took time!

#MomLife is hard - you never think you're doing the right thing, that there has to be a "rule" or a better way...but ya know what? Everyone else is questioning themselves the same way! Just do your best and what works for you guys!!!

The Lady Okie said...

My girl is 17 months and hates having her teeth brushes so much! So I have no idea what to suggest :) And she has started telling us when she's pooped, so we are wondering the same thing about potty training! I'm hoping for the sake of my wallet that she's going to start soon since she sort of knows what is going on down there :) Sound like we are in a similar boat!

Meredith said...

Millie was an exception to the rule, she started asking about pottying before she turned two. I don't believe in pull-ups, they're just like diapers so we went straight to panties on her 2nd birthday, but did do diapers at nap night till almost 3. We also used a reward chart, so she got praises and one skittle everytime she pottied. Good luck!

Britt @ G Squared said...

Norah has been going to Elizabeth mueller dds (pediatric dentist) in Montgomery since she was 18 months! They are great. We also struggle w teeth brushing but she has no cavities or anything so I don't fret too much.

She's had a pillow since about 18 months.

We have also used cups w straws for a long time but we still have spills. Maybe once she gets over the excitement of making a mess she'll stop? We have had luck with kids camelbacks and kids thermos bottles. Both from target or Amazon.

Allison said...

Aiden is almost 27 months and not potty trained although I hear boys tend to take longer. He tells us when he is going poop and likes to sit on his potty, but with baby 2 coming soon I decided not to start potty training. I'm going to wait until Drew has some time to be home too because I hear it's a two person job. ;)

Aiden loves brushing his teeth...we made it part of his night time routine and he is obsessed with the Elmo Brush your teeth song. It is how we started brushing his teeth and he loves the song. We only play it when he brushes his teeth. If Leah is a fan of Elmo, look it up on youtube!

We still don't use a pillow but only because Aiden sleeps with about 5 stuffed animals and a blanket so he uses those as pillows. My pediatrician says unless you think they are uncomfortable there really isn't any reason to introduce the pillow until toddler bed.

Good luck Mama!

Erin LFF said...

Even though I'm not going to have any advice, I'm glad you posted these questions (I might have to write a similar post for stuff with T right now haha!) I have one for you... when did you start putting blankets in Leah's crib overnight?

JenniferMeyer1213 said...

Highly recommend the book Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki. We could not have done it without her! Everyone I know swears by it!

For dentists- Dr Marie Callen in Harpers Point is AMAZING. Tell them I sent you! LOVE her.