Thursday, January 5, 2017

18 Months with Leah

The month's are flying by...
This little nugget is already ONE AND A HALF YEARS OLD! (As of 12/13/16 oops I'm late!) Every month that goes by, it's my new favorite age, I just adore this age where she is becoming independent, can somewhat vocalize what she wants and still wants to (sometimes) snuggle with her mama. She's the perfect little 1.5 year old!
Height/Weight: Our official weigh in was this week at 21.2 pounds. (fully clothed) which makes her in the 30 percentile.  She was 81cm long, in the 50 percentile. And I forget the measurement but her head was in the 30 percentile.
Diapers: Still in Pampers Baby Dry Size 3.
Clothing: She's mostly in 18month clothing. Carter's and BabyGap are my two favorites.
And sometimes we even dress like twins! :)

Teeth: She currently has 4 top front teeth and two molars (one on each side) and 3 bottom teeth...and the fourth bottom one just poked through.  Sweet girl is in a lot of tooth pain.
Words she can say:  She can say soooo many words now, this is probably not even a complete list: 
Da-da, Ma-Ma, Doggie (kinda sounds like "dada" but she says it a little different), Shoes (sounds like "doos"), Bubbles, Uh-oh, Baby, Bebe (Grandma V), Toodles, Hi, Woah, Up, Ball, Apple, Car, Eyes, No-No, Book, Cracker, Purple, Bye-Bye, Night-Night, More, Mine. Thank You.
We also just started repeating us a lot recently so a lot more words to come! 
Words she can Sign:  Milk, Eat, More, All Done

Some fun/interesting things she does: 
+ Raise her hands if you ask "how big is Leah?"
+ Give high fives
+ Point out a head, nose, ears, cheek, mouth, eyes, feet, tummy and belly button.
+ If you hand her a tissue, you can get her to wipe her feet or clean her nose with it.
+ Blow her nose.
+ Get me a plate out when I'm making her dinner
+ Help me put her plates up when I am unloading the dishwasher.
+ Open the pantry and get out the dog treats.
+Fill the dog bowl up with dog food with a shovel
Nicknames: We still call her "bug". Either Leah-bug or Baby-bug or Bug-Bug. 
Likes: feeding the dog, eating off a fork, new shoes, playing with her belly button, throwing balls, opening and closing doors, taking stuff out and then putting them back, helping mama and dada with errands, running around the bookstore, eating crackers or chips
Dislikes: not wearing shoes, when you tell her "no more" after she's already given the dog 10 treats, lots of food (she's becoming a picky eater!), taking snapchat selfies with mommy! hahaha.

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Erin LFF said...

Oh my goodness she's a cutie! I understand the feeling that every month feels like your new favorite age. I definitely feel that way!! And it's crazy that our babies wear the same diaper and are probably roughly the same weight too haha- Tyler is not even 8 months old yet!!