Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Our Family Photo Session

We took our fall family photos in October this year, but I've been hoarding them until after our Christmas card went out, as I always like my friends and family to receive their card and it being the first time they've seen the picture.
So now that everyone's received their cards, I can now share all my favorite family photos.
For my Cincinnatians, we met at Glenwood Gardens which is one of my favorite parks for photography. I just love all the beauty of this park.
The one thing I didn't love about our pictures was the outfits that I chose..gosh, picking outfits is SO HARD! Ohwell, there is always next year to get this outfit thing right!
Love this little family of mine!


Anne said...

Oh, these turned out so lovely! Your little miss is quite a beauty. But I feel you...picking outfits is the hardest part.

Allison said...

I am the SAME WAY with my pictures. I just posted ours the other day because I hate when people plaster their pictures everywhere and then you get their card and you're like oh I've seen these...haha. I love the surprise element too. And these pictures are just beautiful!!!! Your outfits are perfect. I don't know what you would've changed. Merry Christmas girl!