Monday, December 5, 2016

2016 Holiday Bucket List

The holiday season is here!!
Time to bust out my Christmas CDs and listen to my favorite songs! ("Oh Holy Night" is my top favorite) Along with listening to music, there are a lot of other festive things I want to do this season, so I put together some of my holiday-must-dos and I can't wait to knock these things off my list!


1. Put up the Christmas Tree - We actually put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving morning and decorated it this past weekend. We usually do two christmas trees (one in the Living Room and one in the Bonus Room) but this year we just decided on one in the Bonus Room. It's super cozy, especially when we have our gas fireplace going!
2. Send Christmas Cards - This one is always on the top of my list! I love sending and receiving Christmas Cards. Last year, we made our cards through Tiny Prints and it was by far my favorite Christmas Card of ALL TIME. I don't know how I will ever beat it. Haha. But this year we had family photos taken and I chose one of my favorite family photos for it and I absolutely love the finished result!! We've used a lot of card services in the past, but Tiny Prints is my favorite one, there are so many modern options and they have very high quality cardstock! (I love the foiled ones!)
This year I upgraded to the gold envelope; I just love getting colored envelopes in the mail, don't you!? They just "pop" and stand out from the other mail.
3. Take our traditional Photo - Two years ago, CV and I took our "we are expecting!!!" picture in front of this Christmas Village in our neighborhood. We went back last year with Leah to show how much has changed in a year...but now, I feel like we need to continue the tradition and go back each year to take another picture.
4. Attend Christmas Village - For my Cincinnati friends, The Christmas Village I mentioned above is in Montgomery and has a light display and Santa event on weekend nights during December. We went opening night and it was super cold and super crowded, but still a fun event for kids.
5. Have "Breakfast with Santa" - Our city has a cute "breakfast with santa" event that is $5 for all-you-can-eat pancakes and you get a picture with Santa. I love family events like this!
6. Build a Gingerbread House - I hit up Michaels for Leah's gingerbread house kit and with my coupons it only came to $5!! We put it together last night and....well...I honestly thought it would be prettier. Haha. It's harder than it looks.

7. Watch Elf - It's my favorite Christmas movie!! If you haven't seen it - please go watch it tonight!
8. Make a personalized ornament for our tree - Another tradition is creating a personalized picture ornament for our tree. I've created Chris one every year since we met in 2010, and I can't wait until we are in our 50's and have a full tree of only personalized ornaments that I made year after year.
9. Put out cookies for Santa - I'm not into the "elf on the shelf" craziness, but I am into putting out Reindeer Food in the grass and putting out cookies for Santa! (Especially because I am Santa and I love me some cookies!)
10. Take a picture with Santa - Another tradition where we head to the mall and stand in line for a picture with Santa.  Here is last years picture. Tiny little Santa baby! :)
Well, that's my TOP 10 and I'm itching to start crossing things of the list right away, especially by mailing my Tiny Prints Christmas cards!!

Oh, how I have so much fun to look forward to this holiday.

What's the top items on your holiday to do list??? 

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