Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Five

I haven't participated in a Friday Five in a LONG Time, so please welcome me back as I list five fun things we've be up to lately...
+ Riding a Train:  Leah and I (and our friends) went on the Lebanon Railroad Fall Flyer.  They advertise this as a fun fall event to ride the railroad around Lebanon, but honestly I thought it was a snooooooze fest. I'd much rather do something where Leah can run around a little bit more. I have honestly no idea why it's all the rave, other than getting a "free" pumpkin at the end (admission was $15, so it's really not free) - do people really like to sit and ride a train for an hour and look out the window at trees? Apparently so, because it was crowded.
But there was one fun thing about it?? Having a sucker for the first time. She loved it!
+ Park Fun:  We've been to the park a few times lately to play on the playgrounds and I just love it! Usually we go on the weekends with CV, but I took Leah after work/daycare one day and we had so much fun just the two of us. She loves the slides and swings the most.
Isn't the double swing so much fun???

+ Trick or Treating: We did a little trick or treating with cousins this year. It was so cute seeing Leah pick a piece of candy from people, and also fun watching her ride in a wagon with her cousin.
+ Bubbles and Dance Parties:  Two of Leah's favorite things are Bubbles and Dance Parties. We had fun with these every day while we were in OBX, and continue doing them at home.  Leah's favorite song right now is Meghan Trainer - Me Too. She will dance her little diaper off when she hears that song.
+ TV Shows: And I must end with talking about two amazing TV shows that I am hooked on this season! Because after all the park adventures and dance parties when Leah is sound asleep, CV and I usually plant ourselves in front of the TV, so I'm glad I found two shows I love.  
- This Is Us: If you haven't seen it yet, please go On Demand and start watching them from the beginning, the first episode made me cry happy tears so hard.
- Secrets and Lies: If you like mysteries, this show is SO GOOD. Again, you must start it from the beginning of this season (it's a new story with new cast every season), I seriously look forward to Sunday nights now so I can find out what happens next.
And both shows are on regular TV so you don't need cable or Netflix!

Thanks for joining my Friday Five post.
What have you been up to lately???


Health, Love & Fire said...

I'm loving the show This Is Us!! I got behind but I plan to watch an episode or two this week! And I love that double swing!!! So fun!

Britt @ G Squared said...

What park has that double swing? So fun! And I think I am going to start This is Us tonight. Can't wait!

Melissa Fitch said...

Cutest little pineapple! Just adorable! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!