Monday, November 14, 2016

A Day In The Life - Week Day

Happy Monday, everyone! Since I've always loved reading "a day in the life" blog posts, I thought I would start out this week by sharing a day in the life of our family.  Here is our weekday edition with two full-time working parents and a 17 month old toddler.

Average Weekday:
7:00AM: I wake up at 7am and immediately jump in the shower. I literally sleep until the very last second until I absolutely have to wake up. #notamorningperson
7:30AM: Leah wakes up anywhere between 7am-8am. CV get's her out of the crib and changed/dressed for the day. She eats milk and Cheerios for breakfast, and sits on the floor in the living room and eats it while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (rarely), or walks around the house causing trouble (always): putting her hands in the dog food bowls, playing with mommy's makeup, and creating a mess throughout the house that I try to clean up before I leave the house at 8AM.
8:30AM: When CV is ready for work, he puts Leah in her car seat and drops her off at daycare around 8:30am.  The daycare schedule is: breakfast 8:30am, plays, eats lunch 11:30am, naps 1-2pm, snack 3pm, plays, etc. They also have music time, art time, and a variety of other learning activities throughout the day. 
8:00AM-5PM: Meanwhile, I leave for work at 8am and arrive 10-15 minutes late every day. (Oops!) I work in treasury, so my job is a lot of meetings, analysis, projects and more meetings. I usually go home for lunch and let Paisley out and start a load of laundry, or run errands and grab something quick to eat. There aren't a lot of people at work to eat lunch with like at my last job, so instead I make my lunch breaks more productive. 
5:00PM: I leave work at exactly 5pm so I can rush to pick up Leah! (I really do miss her all day!) Right when we get home, I put her in her Step 2 push car and push her to the mailbox to check the mail. She loves checking the mail when we get home.
5:30PM:  I prepare Leah's dinner and put her in the highchair by 5:30pm.  I make all sorts of things for dinner, but it's always something quick because she's always hungry.  Last night, I made these, but Leah was more interested in just eating strawberries for dinner. You win some, you lose some.
6:00PM:  After she eats, we play and wait for daddy to come home from work. 
6:30PM:  Leah takes a bath every 3rd day unless she gets really dirty, so on bath nights we bathe and play in the bathtub and then get into pajamas. (I am always in charge of baths, and CV usually cooks while I am doing that.) If it's not bath night, we either take a walk or have family play time (complete with dance parties) and then get into pajamas.
*BTW: How adorable are these fun bath letters from Nuby!?! We love them!

7:00PM: We always offer Leah a drink and a snack before she goes to bed. This always helps her sleep through the night to make sure she had enough to eat.
7:30PM: We take turns rocking Leah to bed with a sippy cup of milk. She is usually always asleep by 8pm.
8:00PM-9PM: After she falls asleep, then CV and I finish making dinner and sit down to eat. We usually watch recorded episodes of Jeopardy while we eat dinner.
9:00PM: I hand wash all of Leah's sippy cups and prepare her bag for daycare for the next day.  I'm also either washing dishes, folding laundry or cleaning something before we settle down on the couch to watch a little more TV before bed.
10:30PM: I'm finally in bed for the night, goodnight.

So that's an average Monday-Friday at our house. It's very go-go-go and very little time being spent with Leah since we only see her for less than an hour in the morning and about 2-3 hours at night. I guess that's the life all full-time working parents go through.  Good thing for weekends so I can soak up all my time with my sweet weekend day-in-the-life coming soon.

*I wrote a day-in-the-life post before I had Leah. The biggest change is that we used to go to sleep at midnight or afterwards. way could I do that anymore! :)


Erin LFF said...

Love this post! I always like reading them too (maybe one day I'll get around to posting one of my own haha!) Jared and I still stay up too late sometimes, but not nearly as late as we used to pre-Tyler, that's for sure. Those bath letters are really cute too, I'll have to get some of those once T's older!

Allison said...

I love reading and doing these posts. I need to do a day in the life with a two year old...oh how things have changed! Sounds like you all have gotten in to a nice routine and how nice that you can go home on your lunch break too! I just looked at your post about what you feed Leah as I'm always looking for easy meal solutions! Aiden is terrible about vegetables lately and almost ONLY eats them when they are pureed (minus black beans, so weird). I am still working on that!

Anne said...

Yes I love reading these posts! We were on sort of a similar schedule when Hendrik was that age, since Peter usually got home from work at 7:30-8 at that point, so I would feed Hendrik and then we would eat after he went to bed while we caught up on the DVR. That's pretty much the only way to fit it in :) I love that you watch Jeopardy, ha.

The Lady Okie said...

This sounds very similar to our day. It's sad having so little time with R in the evenings but we try to maximize our play time. She is in bed by 7/7:30 every night and I try to be in bed by 9:30 if I can so I can do my bible study and read! :)