Friday, July 8, 2016

ONE YEAR with Leah

Okay, I'm finally caught up with some of my blog postings and now here to talk about my daughter being ONE YEAR OLD! (6-13-16) Can you believe it?!
It seems like yesterday I was in labor at the hospital waiting to meet this little miracle. It's true what they say "the days are long but the years are short!" because this year truly flew by.

Here is my ONE YEAR update with Leah bug.
One Year Update:
Height/Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz and 29.5 inches long.
(Compared to when she was born at 7lbs 4oz and 20 inches long.)
Diapers: Still in Size 3, Pampers Baby Dry is the only brand we buy.
Clothing: She is in 12m clothing but still can wear 9mo pants. A lot of her 12 month pants are too big around the waist. And y'all Leah has sooooo many clothes right now. I hope she doesn't have a growth spurt anytime soon because I want her to wear all these cute outfits.
Eating: Leah is completely off nursing and we have completely run out of breastmilk! I'm so proud of myself for making it 11 months breastfeeding my baby - but after I went back to work, my milk supply dropped, as well as Leah was transitioning to a bottle/sippy cup, so I eventually lost my milk supply. We supplemented with formula for 2 weeks, and then started her on whole milk a week before her birthday. She absolutely loves whole milk!  Other than that - she's eating 3x a day and 2 snacks as normal. She eats so well and I actually love that daycare supplies her breakfast and lunch because it allows her to try a larger variety of foods - versus if I had to pack her lunch every day.
Teeth: Leah had another tooth cut through this month, so now she has 3 teeth, Two bottom and one top! (That 4th tooth will be here any day!)
Health: Leah has an ear infection in her left ear, and fluid in her right ear. The doctor gave us some antibiotics and we will pray they both go away. She always has a snotty nose - and that has unfortunately contributed to an ear infection.  Also, there is another "health thing" that came up during Leah's one year doctors appointment. I don't want to discuss it on the blog - but it was very upsetting to hear and came with an expensive pharmacy bill of almost $400. I'm just praying that everything gets better and stays better. We are super blessed with a healthy baby and want her to stay that way!
Social: Leah's watermelon birthday party was the social event of the season! She had a lot of fun with all her friends.  Also, we took a trip to the bookstore with her BFF Rory, they have a fun kids area and she loved playing with the trains. She also loves waving hello and goodbye to everyone, so I do think we have a sweet friendly little girl.
 Development: Still no walking, or standing on her own. She's crawling everywhere and is very good at it - so probably another few months before she's really walking around. She's also very good at rocking on her horse!
Likes: waving, pointing, Paisley, riding in her car buggy, balloons
Dislikes: birthday cake, being cold, getting shots, having her finger pricked
Well, it's been a fun year updating the blog all about Leah.  I won't be doing any more monthly updates on her like I have here, and in the past, but will just be updating when we hit big milestones as they come along. (Like when she walks! Or eats her first taco! haha!)

I love this little girl to pieces and I'm so happy she is mine. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl! You are the light of my life.

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purpun said...

Happy Birthday Leah! She is absolutely adorable with those big doe eyes and that sweet smile - looks so much like you!

And what a sweet little petite girl she must be to treasure - my 2 1/2 month old boy weighed in today at 17 lb 1 oz (he is an off-the-charts monster). He barely got any wear out of his 6 month and under clothing so I know how it feels (not to mention he is already making my back sore in his carrier)!

With my first I found doing simple 13 month + updates featuring one photo and some stats (favourite things, new words, milestones) to be an easy way to document what she's been up to in the past month. So easy to print and give to family members too!

Hope you have a wonderful summer with your sweet ONE year old! <3