Monday, July 11, 2016

Leah's Favorite Present

Leah's godfather kept asking me what he should buy for Leah's birthday.....but to be honest, we didn't care a lot about presents, Leah has a lot of toys, I always find the best deals on clothes, so unless someone wanted to buy us diapers (nobody did, haha), we really didn't need much.  But every time he asked I would either say "nothing"....or I would tell him to buy her a box of tissues because she loves pulling tissues out of the box.
Well, not only did he buy her a box of tissues, he bought her 16 boxes of tissues and superglued them all together.
 And left an opening in the middle, so Leah could sit and be surrounded by boxes of tissues.
She. was. in. heaven.
 She absolutely loves pulling tissues, about 30 at a time....crawls away...then comes back and pulls some more.
 And since it was a gift, mommy doesn't get mad that she's wasting all the "house tissues".  Pull away, birthday girl. These tissues are all yours.
Isn't this such a sweet gift. I love homemade gifts, but this one takes the cake! So sweet that her godfather took the time to make her a special gift.
Even though he doesn't read my blog - a shout out to B.


Erin LFF said...

That is seriously the CUTEST idea ever for a tissue-loving baby!! Haha, what a wonderful godfather Leah has!! Also, diapers as gifts are the best thing ever... I'm only 6 weeks into this mom gig and I whole-heartedly agree with that one!

Kayla MKOY said...

Okay this is PRECIOUS! What a fun PERSONAL gift! So sweet that he did that for Leah! And girl, she looks EXACTLY like you! So beautiful!

Tab said...

How cute!

Anne said...

This is AMAZING.