Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bath Time Must-Haves for a One Year Old

Bath time is a fun event at our house. What once was a daunting task when she was a newborn, is now filled with so much fun now that she's old enough to play in the tub.  We try to make bath time as fun as possible - but also keep it an easy task for mom - so here are a few of my necessities and tips for giving this little one year old a bath.

Bath Time Must-Haves
1. Bath Tub:  We use a baby bath tub inside of our big tub.  This seems so much safer to me (even though I'm never more than a foot away) and it saves water.  I honestly think any tub will work, we got one that had a newborn insert that could be removed. So we've used this tub since she was a newborn. I recommend doing the same - and not buying a tub like this - because your baby will grow out of it by 6 months and then you'd have to buy another tub. So read the fine print and make sure you can use it as a newborn and toddler!
*Not needed: Thermometer:  We've never used a thermometer to check the bath temperate. If you want it for peace of mind - do it! But for me, I just check it using my forearm (not your wrist, your forearm!), to make sure its warm. Do whatever works best for you.

2. Elbow and Knee Rests: This is a must have for mom or dad! My knees and elbows never hurt because of these amazing elbow and kneeler pads! I use them every single time, and then I hang them up to dry. And the pocket is great to put your wedding rings in!

3. Bath Toys - This is where the fun comes in: Toys!! One of Leah's favorite bath toys is this submarine. She doesn't know how to pull the string yet, so I have to do all the work. But she loves the sound it makes and loves seeing it move in the tub. (We also play with this out of the tub too and watch it move all across the hard wood floors.) She also loves stacking cups and squirt animals too.
*Don't have the money for a lot of bath toys: Just look at your baby's existing toys and see if they can get wet. We use several toys in the tub that aren't really "bath toys", like plastic rings and old plastic eggs from Easter.

4. Bath Toy Scoop: Where are you going to put your toys? I used to keep an open Tupperware container in the tub to keep all Leah's toys in - it was an eye sore and I knew I needed a better option. We just got the Nuby Sea-Scooper and I absolutely love it. It sticks to the wall great and holds all her toys, and lets them drain/dry out. And I love that it's actually a toy in itself too. Once Leah moves out of the baby tub to the big tub - we will play with it more.
5. Shampoo/Body Wash: We only use Aveeno products, so I'm partial to this shampoo and body wash.
6. Wash Cloths and Hooded Towels: I've heard a lot of different ways from friends on how they get their little one out of the tub. Some put a towel on their chest, pick up the baby, then wrap them in their hooded towel. Some need a second person to help - one gets the baby - the other wraps them in the towel. I'm always giving Leah a bath (while CV makes dinner) so my routine is: I put one of my plush towels on the ground (for extra support), then I put Leah's hooded towel on top of it. I pick her up and lay her down on the towel - covering her head first with the hood, and swaddling her up in the hooded towel.  Then, I put one hand behind her head and the other behind her butt and pick her up and hold her against my chest (so she stays warm) - and carefully stand up.  It will be much easier once she can stand up and I can just stand her up and wrap her in a towel. ANYWAYS - we just got this strawberry hooded towel for Leah's birthday and it's my favorite.
7. A warm room: If you put your newly washed (and damp) baby in an air conditioned room - get ready for that baby to CRY (and shiver, which is so sad to see!) I always turn off the air before we give Leah a bath so her room isn't too cold when we get there. And also so the bathroom isn't blowing cold air on her while she's wet and in the bath. (This is also why I don't bathe her in the kitchen sink - our kitchen is very open, and I don't want a lot of cool air on her while she's bathing.)

8. Lotion or Baby Oil: As I said before, we are Aveeno lovers, so we use Aveeno baby lotion with eczema therapy. And we sometimes use J&J's Baby Oil when Leah's skin is really dry.

9. Coziness: And lastly, coziness! Soft cozy pajamas, a good book and a warm bottle of milk end our bath time fun and gets Leah ready for a good night sleep.

Hope this helped some mamma out there struggling with bath time.
It gets easier - and more fun! :)

*I received two of these products for a review, but all opinions are my own. 
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Kristin said...

We just recently got a bath toy scoop & now I don't know how we lived without it!!! We love bath time around here so loving all your tips! :)