Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Watermelon Birthday Party

Ya'll. I have a ONE YEAR OLD.
And we celebrated her FIRST birthday last week. Can you believe it!?!
When I started to plan Leah's birthday party, I knew I wanted to do a watermelon theme.  If you remember, all I wanted when I was pregnant was watermelon. I wanted watermelon for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks...and I even requested it when I was in the hospital after delivery too.
So a cute little "One in a Melon" party was just what I wanted.
Don't you just love the watercolor invites?!
The cupcakes and frosting were all watermelon flavored. And the cake even had little black specs in it to make it look like watermelon seeds. They were so tasty!! And the cupcake toppers matched the invitations perfectly!  
 For lunch, I wanted to serve easy picnic type foods. We served ham, turkey and roast beef sandwiches (on my favorite Hawaiian rolls), potato chips, pasta salad, potato salad, veggie tray, pink frosted animal crackers.
 We also had donut holes that were dipped in pink and green sprinkles.
 And pink goldfish that I placed in little cups for the kiddos!
And of course we had an overflow of watermelon. We made little kabobs with watermelon and honeydew melon to carry out our pink and green theme. 
 For decorations, I kept it pretty simple and just placed a lot of pictures of Leah all throughout the house. I also made a little monthly timeline for our mantle.
 We also had pink and green balloons, pink and green puff balls that hung in the trees and other fun decorations.  And we gave out bubbles to all the kiddos as their gift for coming.
Leah's grandparents (CV's parents) drove from OBX to be here, and Uncle Jeff flew in from FL.
 Leah wore the most adorable watermelon outfit from Oshkosh!
 We had about 50 people attend Leah's party! There were lots of babies too.
 I had a feeling Leah was not going to "smash" into her cake. She of course had no interest in eating the cake, or wearing her birthday crown. And she wasn't a fan of 50 people staring at her. haha. Silly girl! :)
 One tiny touch of the cake...that was it.
 Daddy trying to help and put a little frosting in her mouth. 
 She thought it was average. haha.

 All in all, it was a super successful party. If I could change anything, it would just be the weather - as it was pretty hot and humid and I was sweating the entire time (probably bc I was running around all morning)! But everything worked out perfectly and we couldn't have asked for better family and friends to celebrate Leah's birthday with!
We love you baby girl!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!


Kaity said...

Such a cute theme!

Mary Sue Somyak said...

How cute! I'm pinning this for reference later! :)

purpun said...

So so cute! Love the cupcake display! I love season themed birthday parties. Our little girl wore a pumpkin sweater dress for her October birthday. :)

Shelley said...

So cute! Love the watermelon theme!

Anne said...

ADORABLE. Such a fun theme, and I love all the little details, down to the matching outfit :) Happy birthday to your cutie!

Health, Love & Fire said...

This turned out so adorable! It makes me so excited for Harper's birthday! :)

Allison said...

I love that you turned your pregnancy craving into her party theme. That would've been an interesting one for me as I craved Peanutbutter and cheese (together). Hahaha. Such cute party details. Where are your invites from??

Tab said...

Happy birthday, Leah!