Friday, June 17, 2016

My New Job

One big change has happened at our house in the past month:
I got a new job!

To refresh your memory, my company relocated to TN so I lost my job a few months after Leah was born. It was definitely bitter/sweet, as it was hard to say goodbye to my job of 7 years and to all my friends through work - but it was super sweet to have the opportunity to spend the most important months of Leah's life at home with her.

Being off work made adjusting to my new life as a mom a lot easier since I wasn't juggling a work life. And I could really focus on breastfeeding since I was with Leah all day. (Yes, I did pump a lot to, but I didn't really give her a bottle until she was 10 months old.) And we got to spend every day together - playing, eating, napping, and bonding. It was the perfect 10.5 month maternity leave! :)

But my gig of "stay-at-home-mom" was just temporary as I always planned to go back to work, so around January I started casually looking for a new job and talked to a few recruiters to help me in my search. Let me just tell ya'll - looking for a new job is HARD and depressing. I looked online every single night before bed hoping that a company had posted an amazing job that day (which never happened), I would take notes on jobs that sounded interesting and then apply for those jobs the next day while Leah was taking a nap. It was so hard because there weren't many jobs out there I was interested in - and it was depressing because the ones I was interested in didn't call me.

Luckily, in April a new recruiter saw my profile on LinkedIn and contacted me about a job. We emailed back and forth for a few days and then we met for breakfast so he could make sure I wasn't a creep. (Ha, jk.) He apparently approved of me because he called back a few hours later and wanted to set up an interview that same day with my potential boss. A few days later I had a second interview with 3 other people in the company....and a few days after that I got a fabulous job offer!

So, what is my new gig? Well, I'm still in Treasury but I'm mainly responsible for project management and process improvement. I work for a company that NEEDS UPDATING, and it's my job to put new processes in place and make the company more efficient.  It's a newly created position - so we are kind of figuring it out as we go....but so far it's good.

And the best part of my new job is that it's 2 miles from our house and only 1 mile from Leah's new daycare!! I can swing by to see Leah on my lunch break, or stop at home to let out Paisley and throw in a load of laundry. Or I can stop by Target and go shopping like I did yesterday, since it's right around the corner. :)

So that's the new update with my life.
What's new with you???


Sarah Tucker said...

Yay for finding a job! And it being close! The daycare Graham will go to is close to my school and that eases my momma heart so much!

Health, Love & Fire said...

So happy you've found a new position you're happy with and that it's so close to home and Leah . . . and Target! All the important things! Being a working Mom can be tough, but having an adult outlet and break can be so important as a mom too!!

Allison said...

That's great news! Congratulations. Location is everything!!

Anne said...

So glad you've found something that's working out well! Hopefully it's a fun new challenge and you're all settling into the routine well.

Ericka said...

Congrats on the new job! Glad everything worked out and you are enjoying it :)

Kaity said...

Congratulations! That honestly sounds like the perfect arrangement!

Tab said...

Congrats on the new gig!