Tuesday, March 1, 2016

5 Must Haves for Feeding Baby Outside the House

It's pretty easy to feed a baby when you are at home all day.
Baby wants milk? Sit on the couch, lift up your shirt and nurse.
Baby wants food? Get out food from the pantry or refrigerator and utensils/plates from the kitchen, put baby in their high chair and feed them.
Baby wants water? Get out a sippy cup, fill with water and hand it to baby.
However...it is NOT that easy when you are not home.
Luckily, I have a few items that have really helped me be more comfortable feeding Leah when we are away from the house.

1. Nursing Covers - I have two nursing covers that I love from Covered Goods and Milk Snob.  I've breastfed Leah in public a few times (in the middle of The Southern was the most public) but I always felt super comfortable with a nursing cover. It goes all the way around your body so you don't have to worry about it falling down and exposing yourself. And when I wasn't using them for nursing, I used them as a infant seat cover to keep out sunlight, cold air, and especially germs when we had her doctor appointments. I highly recommend them!
Here is my Covered Goods being used as an infant seat cover while I was brunching in Nashville with my BFFs in December. 

2. Squeeze Feeder - I have the Nuby Garden Fresh Squeeze Feeder - this was super easy to use when we are out of the house and Leah was still on pureed food and only takes a few seconds of prep work. While I am still home, I load the feeder with pureed food. The spoon cap seals the feeder preserving the food until you are ready to feed. So when we are out, I have fresh food to feed Leah and almost no mess to clean up.

3. Mesh Nibbler - I have the Nuby Garden Fresh Nibbler. I loved putting Leah's solid foods (strawberries, melon, etc.) in this nibbler until we fully transitioned to solids. I never had to worry about her choking since only a small amount comes out through the mesh, and no big chucks. It's super easy for Leah to hold and made it easy for me to transition from purees to solids. I also loved it on the go because it doesn't make any mess, which is especially great if you are at someone's house.

4. High Chair Cover - When you are out of the house using the squeeze feeder and mesh nibbler....where is baby? Sitting in a sticky, germ-filled high chair???? No thanks! I have the Itzy Bitzy Sitzy Cover and its perfection. I love that it stretches over the high chair, has a buckle, and even hooks so you can latch on a few of baby's favorite toys. It helps to not touch so many germ filled surfaces while eating. (and if Leah drops food on it while eating, it's easy to pick back up and help her eat, since you know your cover is freshly washed and clean!)
Also, I love this because it is multi-functional and can also be used as a shopping cart cover! We've used this grocery shopping and on our weekly trips to Target! My only dislike is it is sometimes hard to put on when you are by yourself. I usually only have one free hand since I'm holding Leah, and you need two hands to put it on. But I still definitely recommend!
5. Teething Bib - I always keep this Nuby Bandana bib in my diaper bag; I love it because it's multi-functional! I don't like carrying teethers while we are out because she will always drop them on the floor - so I love that this bib has a teething corner allowing her to massage her sore gums and not worry about dropping it. It also helps when feeding her while we are out because we can still use it as a traditional bib.

Hope my 5 Must Haves for Feeding Baby Outside of the house help you out!
I'll be back with tips on feeding solid foods soon!!

*I received a few of these products for a review, but all opinions are my own.
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