Friday, March 11, 2016

Getting SNUG with Boon Sippy Cup Lids

Do you know one of the hardest parts of being a new mom? 
Well, let me tell's sifting through hundreds of baby products and trying to find the right one for your baby. Babies are expensive as it is...but spending money on products only to find that the baby doesn't like that type of bottle, or doesn't like to relax in the mamaroo, is so stressful....and bad for the wallet.

When it was time to offer Leah a sippy cup of water, I went to the store and what did I find? 
A million options!!

I don't know anything about sippy cups so I bought what I thought was going to be perfect.  
We tried the sippy cup a dozen times, but she just didn't like the spout on it. So I went back to the store to buy more sippy cups, this time buying a few different brands. we have a drawer filled with cups in all shapes and sizes, that all have their own attachments: lids, tops, nipples, valves, straws, etc.  So many pieces for such a simple task.

Then, I was introduced to the Boon SNUG Spout Lids and I seriously fell in love. It's silicone, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, spill proof, is ONE piece and will stretch and fit over any cup! So...all those cups in my sippy cup drawer can ALL be used with this same lid.  Now....I just had to convince Leah how perfect these were. Haha.
Luckily, after the first try....LEAH LOVED IT! The silicone was soft on her gums and an easy transition from nursing. You don't have to suck too hard for the liquid to come out (I had to test it too, of course), and its spill proof which is the best!!! I can just throw a lid into our diaper bag and throw any clean cup - and I have everything I need to let Leah drink while we are out of the house! 
What a great invention!! 
I definitely recommend these for your little ones, and for yourself since you will save time, money and stress!
These amazing lids can be found at Target and!

*I was given the Boon SNUG 3 Pack Spout Lids with Cup, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Kayla MKOY said...

I've heard so many great things about these!!! So good to remember for the future! :)

Allison said...

This is genius. I hate all the mismatching lids. I might have to give these a try!