Friday, February 26, 2016

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag: FOR MOM

Okay, I realize Leah is almost 9 months old and here I am writing about what to pack in your hospital bag when you go into labor. Haha. (a little late!!)
I have a few pregnant friends right now and just recently helped one out with a hospital bag list - so I thought I would share it here to help all of you! ]
Here is what I brought to the hospital along with some tips.

1. Towel from home - the hospital towels are tiny and thin. You will be taking at least one shower there (I took 2) so you will want a good towel.
2. Slippers/Non-Slip Socks - I just wore the hospital non-slip socks the first day. But I loved having slippers that I could just slip on to use the bathroom, etc. Bring something you can throw away - you won't want to take these home with you!!! CV bought me a $3 pair from IKEA and they worked perfect. ha.
3. Robe/Gown - I just wore the hospital gown when giving birth and recovery - and it worked just fine. I did bring a robe that I bought specifically for this purpose (wanted a pretty one for photos), and I wore it the whole time I was there.
4. Nursing bras/tanks - If you plan to nurse, make sure you bring a nursing bra or tank. Your boobs are out 24/7 so this way it is easier. I just wore a nursing tank with shorts, and my robe to cover up when I got out of bed. 
5. Comfortable Clothes for Recovery - Like I said above, I stayed in a nursing tank and shorts. Do whatever works for you - just make sure you have easy access for nursing.
6. Going Home Outfit - I wore a big t-shirt, cardigan and maternity leggings.  Just bring something large - or even a maternity size, as you will still not be able to wear your pre-pregnancy clothing. Also, bring flip flops! I brought Toms to wear home and my feet were soooo swollen (more swollen after delivery than before) that I couldn't put them on. So I had to go home in my hospital slippers. Ew.
7. Toiletries - Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Shampoo, Hairbrush, Hair ties, Makeup, etc. Bring what you need to shower and feel human again. I had hand lotion and chap stick by my side the entire time! Hospital air is so dry!
8. Giant Underwear - Buy some cheap Hanes from Target...the big ones with the full coverage....and buy them in black! Haha. I bought 2 packs and threw my hospital ones away, and kept the other ones for the first few weeks at home, as it takes a while for your regular undies to fit again!
9. Lady Items - I brought Overnight Pads (the hospital gives you some, but they are enormous!!), and Always Wipes (dry toilet paper is your enemy). Don't bother buying or bringing nipple cream. The hospital gives you some and you don't really need more than that. It lasts a long time.
10. Bag for Dirty Laundry - you won't want any of your hospital clothes touching your clean stuff. 
11. A large bag to carry all your free items. Diapers, Wipes, Formula, etc! Take everything they give you!
12. Gatorade and Snacks - The minute after I pushed Leah out (and snuggled her!) I demanded a Gatorade!! It was a life saver to be honest - I went 24 hours without eating anything and was starving, and Gatorade was just what I needed.  I ended up eating a hospital sandwich, cookies and chips too - and they were delicious. (Ha. Anything is delicious when you haven't eaten in 24 hours.) The snacks came in handy afterwards, as you never know when you will be hungry!

Also - some people bring focal points, water bottles, gum, etc - but I didn't need any of that. CV was my focal point, I just used the hospital cups and the nurses wouldn't let me have any gum or candy while in labor.

I'll be back soon with what to pack for the baby!!!


Kayla MKOY said...

Not that I need this list yet, or even will for a while, but you thought of so many things I wouldn't have! Go you!

purpun said...

Thanks for the list! I'm packing hospital bag for baby #2 pretty soon (33 weeks pregnant now) and it's so useful to read different tips. From my experience I support all of your points - didn't even think to bring bags for laundry & free stuff, that's genius!

Some other big ones for me are SNACKS (honestly more for my husband, but when that postpartum hunger pangs hit me they were pretty wild), funky socks as a focal point (or maybe a pedicure if it is warm in mid April), a bunch of change and small bills for a footprint keepsake and more food, and a phone charger bank for convenience. And more sleepers and blankets for baby as the poops and spit ups start fast!