Saturday, February 20, 2016

Month Eight with Leah

Month Eight Update:
Weight, Height and Head: According to the home scale, she is still less than 16 pounds.
 Diapers:  This skinny mini is still in Size 2. Using Pampers Baby Dry and Costco diapers. And the Costco brand baby wipes. (Other brands we use: Aveeno Baby body wash and shampoo, Johnson's baby lotion and baby oil, and Honest Company ointment, when needed.)
Clothing: Still wears 6-9 and 9 month clothing, Her 6 month pants still fit but she's too long for her 6 month onsies.
Eating: You are still breastfeeding and eating every 3-4 hours and also eating solids twice a day at breakfast and dinner time, and a snack at lunch time.
Sleep: You're a great sleeper! Sleeping 11.5 hours at night and nap twice a day for 3 hours total. 
Schedule: Here is our regular day schedule:
7:15 AM - Leah Wakes Up
7:30 AM - Nurse #1
8:00 AM - Breakfast (Organic Oatmeal mixed with breastmilk)
8:15-9:30 AM - Playtime
9:30-11:00 AM - Nap #1
11:15 AM - Nurse #2
12:00 PM - Snack (teething cookie / puffs)
12:15 - 2:15 PM Playtime / Get out of the house
2:15 PM - Nurse #3
2:30 - 3:30 PM - Nap #2
4:00 PM - Nurse #4
4:15 - 6:00 PM - Playtime
6:00 PM Dinner (Fruit or Veggie, she is eating a full container of Gerber Stage 2)
6:15-7:15 PM Playtime/Bath time
7:15 PM - Nurse #5
7:30 PM - Bedtime
Social: Leah attended a bridal shower with me and was a well behaved little guest. She also still loves going to Tumble class every Wednesday and hanging out with her friend Rory when she gets the chance. Here they are on 2/12/14. Rory is 10.5 months and Leah 8 months.
In other news: Still no teeth, I've been on the lookout for them though!
No crawling yet, but she does a slight army crawl from side to side. She does know how to clap and give kisses on command!
Mommy: I'm doing good but the anxiety of finding a new job is kicking in!! Blah!
Daddy: Doing good and trying his hardest to get home early from work to spend time with Leah before her 7:30pm bedtime!
Likes: Bath time, eating, watching mommy & daddy dance, jumping, laughing, tumble class
Dislikes: being alone, being tired


Erin LFF said...

What a little sweetie- seriously, Jax! HOW do you stand her cuteness?! She is just perfect :) Glad everyone is still doing well, I hope you find a job soon- I'll be thinking of ya!

Jess Scott said...

Oh my, what a beauty!! I can't believe she's already 9 months!! Good luck job searching...everything will work out!