Friday, January 29, 2016

Month Seven with Leah

Happy {late} New Year, Everyone!!
Taking care of a baby sure does take you away from your blog from time to time, but not to worry, I'm here today to chat and tell you all about our sweet lady turing SEVEN MONTHS OLD (1/13/16)!
I can honestly say life with a baby gets better and better every day. It's so much more fun now that Leah is old enough to play, interact, copy and "talk" with me and we truly have fun throughout our days. 
Here's our little update!

Month Seven Update:
Weight, Height and Head: No doctors appointment to confirm all her measurements, but according to the home scale, she is 15.5 lbs.
 Diapers:  This skinny mini is still in Size 2. Using Pampers Baby Dry and the Costco brand (Kirkland) baby wipes.
Clothing: Still wears 6 month clothing, but will be growing out of them very soon. Her 6 month pants should fit her for a while though.
Speaking of on earth do I keep losing random items of her clothing??? socks...a boot...and her winter coat! I'm pretty sure her winter coat was lost in Target while I was trying to hold Leah (because she was being fussy) while pushing a shopping cart filled with things I don't need. She felt hot so I took off her coat in the store - and that's the last time we saw it. Ughhhhhh. I loved that little coat.
Eating: You are still breastfeeding and eating every 3-4 hours and also eating solids twice a day at breakfast and dinner time. You've liked everything so far. You eat Organic Oatmeal (mixed with breastmilk) for breakfast every morning, and your dinners consist of either a fruit or a vegetable. You really love sweet potatoes and pears the best...that's what we buy the most of. You've also had two "teething cookies" which you loved, but I watched you like a hawk because I was so afraid you'd stick too much in  your mouth and choke.
Sleep: You're a great sleeper and nap 2-3 times a day. 
Social: You had a few "play dates" this month. You tried to stay up and party with Rory for NYE, but you got cranky and wanted to go home at 9:30.
We went to an Ohio State game party and you loved hanging out in daddy's lap.
You also got to play with Patrick this month and loved playing with his toys and even took a nap in his Pack n Play. We attended our first TumbleBees class at KidsFirst. You got to meet a few "friends" and had fun "tumbling" with Rory and loved the parachute game at the very end.
In other news: You are moving and rolling all the time. You're not lifting your stomach off the floor yet, but I bet you will soon so you can start crawling. You are very very vocal. You love "singing" and like making noises when mommy puts her fingers in front of your mouth. It's too funny!
You also love holding blocks and banging them together. (and eating them) :)
Mommy: I'm still doing great and enjoying my time off work - I started applying for jobs and researching every daycare in our area to prepare.
Daddy: Daddy loves making you laugh by showing you his dance moves or by making funny noises and jerking his head around.  You laugh more at him than anyone else. 
Likes: Bath time, eating solids, watching daddy dance, jumping, looking in the mirror, blocks
Dislikes: shopping, loud noises, being alone


Erin LFF said...

She is so precious, Jax!! So glad she's such a happy baby and all is going well for you guys! :) Miss ya girl!

Kayla MKOY said...

I honestly can't believe she's 7 months already!!!! Eek! She's adorable, girl. I'm so happy for your little family!

Allison said...

Awww...such cute pictures! And we loved Tumblebees!! Now that Aiden is walking I'm going to sign him up for the next age level class. Have you tried the swim classes? Up to a certain age, those were free too, but I can't remember what age. Glad things are going well for you Mama. XO