Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Month Five with Leah

This has been the fastest five months did this sweet little baby get SO BIG!
She's such a little angel and I feel completely blessed that she is mine!
Five Month Update:
Weight, Height and Head: We will find out soon at her 6 month appointment.
 Diapers:  Size 2. Pampers Swaddlers are our favorites.
Clothing: You can still fit into a lot of your 3month old clothing, but I'm sure I'll be packing them all away very soon. Most of your clothing that fits is 6month size.
Eating: You are still breastfeeding and eating every 3-4 hours. We introduced you to solids this month! The doctor said you didn't need it from a nutritional standpoint, but I could introduce it to you for development. And since you stare at me and try to grab things that I'm drinking and eating, I could tell you were definitely showing interest in food.  We started you with rice cereal, then peas, carrots and sweet potatoes. You've liked everything so far!
Sleep: You're still a good little sleeper...moooost of the time. Some times you wake up every night and are hard to put down to sleep. Other times you are easy and sleep through the night. You're unpredictable, but you've been sleeping in your crib like a big girl since about two months old.
Social: You had road trip #2 this month!! We took a 12 hour road trip to OBX. You did amazing in the car both times and slept most of the drive. And you were also the perfect little baby on vacation.
We also celebrated Halloween and you were the cutest little ladybug.
In other news: We bought you a jumper, and you LOVE it!
I also entered you into the Gerber Baby of the Year contest! Why not??? Right!! :)

Mommy: I'm still doing great...and guess what?!?! I've hit my pre-pregnancy weight!!!! Woohooo!!!! Now...with that being said. My body is still not the same, and my favorite jeans still don't fit. The scale might agree, but my body is definitely still pudgy in all the wrong places. Still a work in progress but happy about it so far...
Likes: Bath time, smiling, giggling, putting weight on your legs, eating off of a spoon
Dislikes: teething, sitting in her car seat, being hot, being tired, babysitters, bedtime


Anne said...

She is SUCH a sweetie! And way to go, momma! Though I know what you mean... the body shape is never quite the same. Still good to feel good though.

Kayla MKOY said...

Well girl you LOOK amazing! I can't believe she's 5 months old already!!! She's adorable!

Allison said...

Time flies doesn't it? Gosh she is just the cutest! She seems like such a sweet girl. Glad she behaved herself on vacation for you. :) And I'm impressed she's been sleeping in her crib so long and is already eating solids! Go girl!

Tab said...

Love her superman pose, lol!

Cville to DC said...

She's the cutest baby I've ever seen!! She'll totally win the Gerber award :) btw I used your refer a friend Minted discount so you should be receiving $25 in credit from them too! yay!!!