Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vacationing in OBX

Our family took a 7 day getaway to the Outer Banks of North Carolina a few weeks ago for a big family vacation.  We had two houses on the beach, each house had 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a movie theater, rec room with a pool table and shuffle board, 3 refrigerators, a heated pool and hot tub, and an amazing view of the ocean.
 The parents (CV's parents, aunts and uncles) had one house. And the other house consisted of all of CV's cousins, spouses and kiddos. CV and I got the pent house suite on the 3rd floor so we got to wake up to an amazing view every morning and watch the sun set every night.
It was Paisley's first trip to the beach!
It was OBX's off-season, so we got to enjoy a beautiful peaceful beach with the birds. 
 ...and a few surfers.
 One day all the cousins ventured to Corolla, NC for a wild horses tour.
We all piled into an open hummer and drove up and down sand dunes to search for wild horses. 
I think we saw 18 horses!
Here we are after our tour!
 It was so fun to vacation with all of CV's family and get to know them all a little better.
And of course...we had to take family photos on the beach. It was Leah's first time at the beach, she didn't really get to play on the beach since she's so little and it was either really hot and sunny or too cold and windy - so sweet Leah stayed indoors for most of the trip. (but thats okay because she got to play with her new best friend Beckett!)
Here's our beach photo sesh:
OBX has the best sunsets. The sky was pink and purple every night!
 CV's parents live in OBX so I'm sure we will be back again soon to visit!


Kayla MKOY said...

Wow!!!!!!!! :) is it possible to fall in love with a home because I think I just did! Ha! So beautiful. Looks like an amazing time!

Shelley said...

Those houses are awesome, and your penthouse view {insert heart eyes emoji}
And I never realized it before, but I went to grade school with CV's cousins?! Small world!

Erin LFF said...

GORGEOUS place to stay! :) And your little family Jax.... too perfect ;)

Brianne Bracco said...

The beach photos are adorable!! What a great place to the houses.