Saturday, November 21, 2015

Leah Bug (...and Hand-Foot-Mouth Sickness)

The day we returned from OBX I got soooooo sick.  I was freezing, but sweating. I had a high fever. My face/cheeks were on fire. My throat hurt. I was throwing up.  IT WAS THE WORST, especially when you have to breastfeed a baby because she doesn't take a bottle very well. It was horrible, and I knew that I would eventually get Leah sick since she was around me to breastfeed.
So....a day later, Leah started getting a fever. I checked it every few hours until it finally got so warm (101 degrees) I called the doctor and made an appointment. 
Turns out....Leah caught "Hand-Foot-Mouth" somehow....and the doctor said she probably had it for a few days and gave it to ME! (Who knew Leah had gotten me sick and not the other way around.)  
She warned us that she would start getting a rash on her hands and feet, but it would all go away soon...just take some baby tylenol and wait for it to pass. 
And just like she said...Leah got a little rash.

Here we are at the doctor.....and the rash on her foot.

Unfortunately, it is very contagious (CV had a fever too and got a rash on his face!) so we had to cancel our halloween plans as we didn't want to get anyone else sick. 
But that didn't deter us from getting Leah into her first Halloween costume and having some fun though! Here's our little ladybug, Leah Bug.
Isn't she just the cutest ladybug you've ever seen! :)

And just for I am in college as a ladybug! Haha. Like mom like daughter!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Erin LFF said...

Poor you guys!!! :( I hope everyone recovered- that doesn't sound fun at all. Leah is the CUTEST ladybug though :)

Jess Scott said...

Oh man, HFM is NO FUN! Cam had it two summers in a row....poor girl!! Love the ladybugs!

breedwoman said...

I got that from my son one time. my fingers and feet hurt so bad and then later they peeled....