Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Month Two with Leah

I can't believe our sweet little princess is TWO months old!
Month Two was a lot less stressful than Month One, luckily we didn't have any visitors staying at our house so it gave us time to focus on being a family - and not being hosts.
We stayed inside the house a lot this month, as I honestly didn't have too many errands to run or places to go, so we just hung out together at home mostly. We did do a few fun things outside the house though:  Leah attended her first tummy time class, we went to the mall twice to walk around with another friend and her baby, we went to a Cincinnati Reds game, and we attended a bridal shower where Leah got to see a lot of family members....and we took a lot of walks around the block with Paisley.

Two Month Update:
Weight: 10lbs 9oz (40 percentile)
Height: 23.5 inches (60 percentile)
Diapers: You moved up to size 1 diapers.
Clothing: You still fit into a few of your newborn pajamas, but most of your clothing is 0-3 month or 3 month sizes. Your toes already reach the end of your footie pajamas - we need to buy you some footless PJs, so it won't matter that you're getting so tall.
Eating: You are nursing 99% of the time and taking a bottle (of pumped breastmilk) 1% of the time. You are eating, so I am happy - but you eat almost every 2 hours. I'm hoping you can go more towards 3-4 hours soon, as feeding you every 2 hours can be exhausting.
Sleeping: You're a great sleeper! No complaints here. You sleep 8-10 hours a night, and only wake up once to eat.  Usually you fall asleep around 10:30pm and you wake up between 4:30-6:30 to eat, and then you sleep for another 2-4 hours. It's perfect! I typically always get 8 hours of sleep a night because you're so great!
Social: You love being held and it doesn't always have to be by mommy and daddy.  Our friends Mimi & Dan stopped over and you loved sleeping in Mimi's arms.  You were also passed around at the family bridal shower we attended, all daddy's aunts and cousins all held you and talked about how beautiful you are! You also attended your first Cincinnati Reds game and slept in your Godfather's arms the whole time. And you got to meet Rosie Red!
Daddy: Daddy is still doing great and getting better and better at calming you down and putting you to bed. You love when he bounces you and love sleeping on his chest.
Mommy: I'm loving every minute about being a mom, but I'm not loving the "mom-bod" and all the recovery symptoms I've experienced. My body still hurts! I gained a total of 37 pounds in pregnancy - at the end of Month One I lost 21 pounds. And now at Month Two I am down 27 pounds total. I have 10 pounds to go!
Likes: bath time, being held, being rocked, stretching, ceiling fans, listening to mommy singing, bouncing and standing up on your legs, morning exercises with mom, smiling, laying on the changing table, nightly walks with mommy and daddy
Dislikes: sitting in a car seat, not being held, doctors appointments, shots

See you next month! :)


Erin LFF said...

She is perfect! Seriously such a beautiful lil babe!!! :)

Sarah Tucker said...

She is just gorgeous!!

Allison said...

She is such a beautiful lil girl!! The feeding thing will get easier, I promise! And dang I'm jealous of all the sleep you are getting right now! Aiden was a great sleeper until around 7 months then I don't know what happened. Teething? Growth spurts? Who knows! Have Leah send Aiden some good sleep vibes. Haha.