Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The "0" Birthday + First 3 Days

Since Leah was born at 12:18am, we had the entire day to celebrate her birthday.
(See birth story here)
We started off the day with a LONG nap, followed by an equally long shower, took some hospital photos (I'll share those soon!), chatted with a few visitors, and had a "0" birthday party.
My amazing friend Alison was the mastermind behind Leah's 0 Birthday Party at the hospital. It was complete with a Happy Birthday banner, a huge "0" balloon, pink champagne (that I couldn't drink since I was breastfeeding), streamers, party hats, and a confetti cake topped with a "0" candle.
Our friends Chris, Heather, Alison and Aron were all there to celebrate Leah!
We sang Happy Birthday to Leah and I helped her blow out her candle. It was such a great day and I'm so glad we got to celebrate this little lady coming into our lives.
The rest of our hospital stay went "ok".  We found out on Day 2 that Leah had jaundice since we had incompatible blood types and needed to be wrapped with a biliblanket.
She stayed in our room for a couple hours with the blanket, but unfortunately the blanket didn't help so they had to take her to the hospital nursery so she could stay "under the light". 
See the blue glow in the photo under Leah...that's the biliblanket at work!
It was really hard to have Leah taken from our room...she had to sleep overnight in the nursery so they could watch her bili levels. I woke up in the middle of the night several times and walked over to check up on her....she looked so tiny.
And since she was under the light for so long - that meant I couldn't breastfeed her. I pumped in my room (my milk wasn't in yet - but I pumped anyways). And they had to feed her formula from a bottle in the nursery. On Day 2, I knew breastfeeding was going to be a challenge for us - she has already been eating from a bottle, and the pediatrician wanted me to continue to give her formula for a week to flush all the jaundice out of her system. (More on that later!)
Luckily, they retested her bili levels on Day 3 and her number went down enough for us to go home! We packed our bags and were so excited to get out of the hospital, go home...and see Paisley. :)

So glad to be home!! :)


City Style Country Living said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful! I love the idea of a '0' birthday party!

P!nky said...

A 0 birthday party sounds fabulous!

Brittany said...

A 0 birthday party is genius! Such a cute way to celebrate your little girl!

Health, Love & Fire said...

I just love the idea of the 0 Birthday! She's just so adorable & I'm glad her levels came down relatively fast so you all could get home!

Erin LFF said...

Absolutely precious--- Zero Birthday for the win! Glad you guys still got to go home relatively quickly!

Cville to DC said...

Oh my gosh she is just a doll! So glad you guys are home safe and soundly :) She is so teeny and perfect! congrats! Cute 0 bday pics too!

Bitzsoi said...

Congrats on you little beauty! Sofia had to stay in the hospital for a few days for that same reason. I also had to supplement with formula, which like you said, messed up breastfeeding a bit. But we got through it and I managed to breastfeed her for a year and 2 months! It's possible!

Pamela said...

oh so sweet!

Brittany said...

I love that you had a birthday party for her!! That's awesome :)

Donn24g said...

Both my kids had severe jaundice when they were born (both Rh babies, too), nick's was dangerously severe we had to be re-checked into the hospital the day after we got home, I remember so vividly what a wreck I was. I cried all night not being able to hold him and seeing him resting in that little incubator they put him in. I know exactly what you might have felt, the very first medical issue with your first child. It's a good test run for you, and it sounds like you all passed the test!! Cant wait to meet her!!