Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Planting My Placenta

*Don't worry - I chose not to post photos of the actual placenta!

When you’ve lost a loved one, you are constantly looking for a sign from them...
...and I’ve luckily had a few signs in the past year from my dad.  
When I found out I was pregnant, the doctor confirmed my due date...and of all the days in the entire year, 
my due date fell on my dad's 64th birthday, June 12th - I knew it was a sign.
I had my 40 week appt the day before my due date, and there was zero progress. 
Zero centimeters dilated, 0% effaced, zero signs of labor anytime soon.
Then, the morning of my due date (dad’s bday) my water broke! Sign #2! 
Call me crazy but I think my dad had a part in my water breaking that morning!  Thanks, Dad!
So what does this all have to do with my blog subject of planting a placenta?
Well, last year on Father's Day, I planted this tree in honor of my dad...and this year on Father's Day I wanted to plant something extra special under the tree. 
So I signed the hospital waiver forms to take home my placenta, so that I could plant it under my dad's tree.
We kept the placenta at the hospital for four days, and then kept it in our garage fridge for a few days so we could plant it on Father's Day. It just seemed to be a lot more meaningful to plant it on the actual day - so luckily the timing worked out perfectly and the organ was still fresh. 
CV dug the hole and I gently placed my placenta in the ground.
Now, the organ that kept Leah alive and healthy for nine months can now nourish my dad's tree. It will help it grow strong so it can continue to look over our house and be a reminder everyday that my dad is still with us - 
even on the days where there isn't any signs.


Brittany said...
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Brittany said...

This gives me chills, Jax. That's amazing that your water broke on her actual due date, which was your dad's birthday. So very special. Planting a tree is an awesome idea to remember someone so important to you and now you're just adding more love to the tree. Perfect.

My Life as A Plate said...

This is so special. I love this story. I am sure your tree with grow big and strong.

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Love that you did this! No doubt that your dad is nearby at all times.

Brittany said...

Omygosh that made me tear up. I love the meaning behind it. That's is seriously so specialor your family. Very cool