Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How Much Our Kitchen Renovation Cost

I decided to share the costs of our kitchen renovation with all of you, as I think it is super helpful for anyone who is interested in completely renovating their kitchen.
(And especially since this post is one of my most popular posts - I figured my readers LOVE knowing how much things cost.)
We honestly had no idea where to start with our budget.  Would a kitchen renovation cost 10k? 30k? 50k? Depending on what materials you pick out - you could easily pay well over $50k on a new kitchen. We reviewed our finances and decided a $15k-$20k budget is where we wanted to be, which honestly meant we had to be frugal in some areas in order to splurge on the things we really wanted.
Here's our kitchen renovation cost breakdown in a nutshell:
1. Demolition: Tearing out the existing kitchen cabinets/appliances/flooring/soffits etc. = $1,700
I honestly thought this was pretty steep - however, this price did include trash removal and re-plastering the ceiling and walls behind the cabinets.
2. Electrician: Materials and moving wires = $300
We had to hire someone to move the wires behind our walls. This also included buying $100 worth of materials for rewiring/etc.
3. Flooring: Purchases of tile and other flooring materials, and installation = $2,000 
The tile and flooring materials (hardy backer/grout/etc.) were around $1200, and the labor was around $800.
4. Cabinets/Sink: Cabinets, Custom Pantry, Farm Sink, and Installation = $8,000
We hired a kitchen designer for $200. We bought the cabinets during a 20% off kitchen sale and a beautiful ceramic farm sink! We hired someone at $20/hour to install the kitchen - so *I think* we saved a lot in the labor department since $20/hour is pretty reasonable.
 5. Countertops: Countertops and Installation = $1,800
We have a lot of counter space so I knew our countertop would be pricey.  We decided to go with quartz countertops and I absolutely love them.  (we could have gone with butcher block to save alot of money but we bought the countertops during a 20% off kitchen sale so we got them at a good deal! And installation was free with purchase! :)
6. Backsplash: Tile, Grout, and Installation = $650
Our materials were only $250 since we went with a tile that was only $6/sqft.  But the labor was pretty pricey ($400) since it was such a time consuming process. 
7. Appliances: New fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher = $2,300
We purchased our appliances on Black Friday - so what should have cost us over $3,500+ only cost us $2,300!! I couldn't be happier with going to HH Gregg on Black Friday! They had the best deals!
8. Other Expenses: $900
And there were other small things we had to buy or pay for - like garbage disposal pieces, plumbing of the kitchen sink, crown molding for above the cabinets, molding for the floors since our existing molding was damaged, new light fixtures, new light switches and plate covers, paint supplies, grout sealers, etc. etc. etc. Trust me...all these little things ADD UP!
*That might seem like a lot - but let me remind you...we gutted EVERYTHING and literally started from scratch. So, to me, $18K for an ALL-BRAND-NEW kitchen seems like a pretty great deal.  In plus, this probably raises our home value double or triple of what we actually spent on the kitchen!
..........and since I can't waste any time between one renovation and the next......the bathroom renovation is currently in the works. So stay tuned for more home renovation fun! :)


Jess Scott said...

I love that you shared this because it all adds up so quickly, but you can also save a TON by getting good deals and labor. $20/hour is not bad at all - especially when they do it right the first time, and you don't have to pay someone to do it again...ahem....we did that a few times! I love how it turned out, and it looks like it was worth every penny - even more!!

Kayla MKOY said...

Girl, I still can't get over this gorgeous kitchen! I mean. I feel like for completely GUTTING it and starting from scratch? You nailed it!!!!!!

Pamela said...

eeeeeek so exciting! yall did awesome!

Erin LFF said...

You guys did awesome- and for gutting a kitchen and getting all new EVERYTHING, I think that's a very reasonable price. I'm glad you shared :) We keep going back and forth on what we want to do, how much time/money we want to put into our current house vs saving for a new house. So many options!

Brittany said...

I can't wrap my mind around the idea of getting rid of my kitchen completely and replacing it! Yours looks incredible and like you said, it increases the value of your home, so obviously it was well worth it!

Anne said...

Interesting - thanks for sharing! We did ours for about $10,000 less but did not gut it by any means. Interesting to see the difference in cost that makes. Yours turned out so great - I would have loved to go big like that if we were staying here longer... next house! :) Totally worth it because you'll get so much enjoyment out of having a gorgeous and functional kitchen, and then the bonus of increasing your home value.

Cassidy C. said...

New commenter here :) love love the way your kitchen turned out! My husband and I are in the very beginning stages of building right now and we will be buying our appliances separately. We're aiming to close in December but want to also buy our appliances during Black Friday-- any suggestions on how to make that work? I'm just concerned that they'll be ready to be delivered before we're ready for them. Would you suggest having them stored somewhere (which makes me really nervous) or maybe just waiting until we're ready for them? Any advice is appreciated!