Friday, May 22, 2015

Camera Items for Sale

Welp, call me crazy, but I upgraded my camera and a few of my lenses over the I'm selling a few of my current camera items since I won't be using them anymore. 
Just wanted to post my sale items on the blog incase anyone is interested in getting into photography or upgrading their camera gear for a great deal.
1. CANON EOS 5D MARK II CAMERA - $850 or best offer
(Read a full review on the camera here.)
This is actually an amazing deal on this camera.  They are selling new on for $2,199. See here.  I purchased my camera used less than 2 years ago for $1500, so I'm selling it at a rather low price of $800.  The camera has a perfect bill of health. There are no internal scratches and the glass is perfect.  It does have some external wear and tear on it, and on the external display screen, but nothing that affects the quality of the photos. 
(You can see my work on my facebook page: Every single picture on this site was taken with this camera.)
2. CANON 580EX II Flash - $350 - SOLD!!
I purchased this flash new at $400 last fall. I bought it so I could take photos in low-light settings. It's in perfect condition, as I only used 4 different times. I also have a bounce light diffuser that I'll throw in if you're interested. I've been trying to focus more on natural light photography - so I just have no need for an external flash anymore.
I took these fun photos with the flash.
3. CANON EOS 35MM F/2 Lens - $250
I purchased this lens last year on for $320. They are still selling for that price online. See here. This is a great entry level wide-angle lens.  It takes great wide angle photos, great for landscapes or for just capturing more background into your photos.  It's in perfect condition since I rarely used it. Here are a few photos I took with this lens:
 This lens is also great at close-up shots, like with these cupcakes.  I had to step back pretty far with a 50mm...but the 35mm was the perfect distance to get all three cupcakes in the shot. And it still created a creamy background blur. It's great for small rooms since you can fit more into your frame.
4. Shootsac Lens Bag - $140 - SOLD
I bought this bag from at $200 last Fall to take on photo sessions and weddings.  It honestly is perfect as it holds all your lenses without scratching them and its easy to move from one lens to the next since you can put them in without the caps on them.  I have THREE camera bags so I'm just trying to downside my bag collection. It really is a great bag!
Let me know if anyone is interested in any of my camera items! :)


Kayla MKOY said...

Ugh I want everything ;) Caleb and I have been talking about switching to Canon in the future but we're not ready to pull the trigger quite yet! Good luck!

Kate said...

I want it all!!! Is the 5D full frame? and is the 35 lens still avail? Let me know :)