Monday, May 25, 2015

A Day In The Life...

I know my life is going to change 300% in a few short weeks, so I wanted to document how my life is right now....PRE-BABY.  It's pretty easy/flexible/manageable to be honest.  Maybe a lot of you see it as boring, since I can pretty much do whatever I want and I don't have a lot of obligations. No waking up in the middle of the night to feed babies, No pumping during work, No picking up anyone from daycare, No changing diapers.
Boy, am I in for a treat when the baby arrives!
7:10AM: My alarm goes off. I hit snooze. Twice.
7:30am: When I actually get up and get ready for work. Shower/Fix Hair/Get Dressed/The Usual.
8:30am: I leave the house to go to work. Work actually starts at 8:30AM, but work is pretty laid back so nobody really cares if you are on time.
9:00-9:15am: I've arrived at work! I don't really allow much time to eat breakfast at home, so I always bring it into the office. On a typical day, I eat fruit and yogurt at my desk. Then, I get busy to work. My work day usually involves a lot of reports, a handful of meetings, and a million emails.
12:30pm - or whenever I want: I go to lunch whenever I want and can take a long lunch, if I want too. No set lunch rules where I work. I usually walk a few blocks to a downtown restaurant with coworkers, or I'll pick up a sandwich and eat it at my desk.  Depends on how much work I have.
5:30pm: Work has ended and I head home...which usually involves sitting in traffic for 45minutes.
6:15pm: I'm home! I let the dog out and spend time with Paisley until CV gets home around 7.
Sometimes we have plans with friends, or Chris goes golfing after work...but if we don't have plans we usually hang out, sit outside and enjoy the weather or take Paisley on a little one mile walk.
8:00pm: We are late eaters, so we usually start making dinner (or pickup take-out) around 8pm. Chris is the main grocery shopper and cook in the house, so he actually always takes charge of dinner! (Thanks hubby! I'll learn to enjoy cooking one of these days!)
After dinner, we usually just hang out and watch TV and relax. If I have photos to edit, I usually do it at night while Chris is watching TV.
11:00pm: When we actually start getting ready for bed. Sometimes we go to bed at 11, sometimes it's not until after midnight. We are night owls.
9:30am: We wake up whenever we want. Usually Sundays are our sleep-in days, but I still wake up around 9am.
11:00am: Brunch! We get showered and ready to head out the door to brunch.
12:00pm: Lately, we've attended a lot of parties on our weekend days, (birthday parties, baby showers for friends, clam bakes, etc.) but if we don't have plans then we are usually jumping from store to store running errands, or we are at home doing "house stuff" or cleaning. Chris is always in the yard planting something or doing some sort of yard work. 
I usually have photo sessions, and a one hour session will take up about 3 hours of my day. (Driving to the location / photo session / driving home / uploading photos / and getting a head start on editing photos and posting a sneak peek online for my client.) Since I'm late in my pregnancy, I don't have too many photo sessions left, so I spend this time running errands and knocking things off the to-do-list.
3:30pm: A late lunch! We usually go somewhere to grab a bite to eat.
5:00pm: We pretty much do whatever we want, from getting a couples massage, to cleaning the house and doing laundry, to sitting outside in our recliners drinking a beer (cv), to sitting in the hottub (cv), to having friends over, to watching a movie, pretty much our agenda is free and we do whatever we want! It changes every weekend.
7:00pm: Usually on Saturdays we will go out to dinner with friends or get out of the house, on Sunday's we usually stay in and cook. 
11:00pm: After hanging out and spending time together, we get ready for bed around 11pm.
So, all in all, a pretty flexible schedule where we can ultimately do whatever we want / whenever we want.  I know our days and weekends will definitely look a lot more scheduled and restricted once our baby arrives....but I'm definitely fine with that!

Stay tuned in a few months where I'll follow up with...
"A Day in the Life....WITH a baby!"


Anne said...

I love reading these posts! They're fun to put together too as something to look back on... I did one soon before Hendrik was born as well, for memory's sake, and I've done a couple at different ages of his, because things definitely do change. This makes me a little nostalgic for the days of complete freedom, but we really did get to maintain some of the going out - just with a baby along! In the newborn stage they're really pretty portable and easy because they only sleep and eat, so we would take him along to breakfast or the mall or to friends' houses. Once we were in the habit, it made outings easier in the long-term! It's definitely different though :)

Pamela said...

love this!! the weekends sounds so nice!