Monday, April 20, 2015

Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 31-32

Weeks 31-32

Size of Baby:  Pineapple (31 weeks), Squash (32 weeks)...about 4 pounds! :)
Gender: It's a Girl
Feeling: Happy/Lucky/Appreciative....and a little achy!
Weight: +25.5 pounds total
Maternity Clothes: Still a mix of both maternity and non-maternity items, although I know I need to buy more maternity items. It's getting too hot for pants!! :)
Sleep: Sleep is pretty good. It's hard to get comfortable initially - but once I am comfortable I fall right asleep. And no, I'm not waking up 3x a night to use the bathroom like everyone else I've talked to/read about...I usually wake up once around 6am to use it - and that's it.  I must have a strong bladder! :)

Symptoms: A very achy body and lots of tailbone pain. I've been eating a banana every day so I think that (the potassium) helped my leg cramps because I've only had 1 in the last month! Yippee!
Stretch Marks: None so far!! I've been lathering up every day - and sometimes twice a day.
Movement: Lots and lots of movement. It's fun to watch my stomach move and dance around.
Highlights: My baby showers....and all the love that everyone has shown us lately.
Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery! I've already washed/folded all the clothes and everything has their own special place....we are just waiting on the glider & ottoman to be delivered and a few more things and then we will be done! :)
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Anne said...

Maternity t-shirt dresses from Gap/Old Navy... lived in them in the hotter (and larger, ha) months of my pregnancy :) And isn't that belly dancing the coolest/weirdest thing? I still kind of miss it. You're looking great, lady!

Brittany said...

So beautiful! You're getting close!!