Friday, April 10, 2015

My Nursery Inspiration

(photos of the real nursery coming soon!)
Before I jump in and show you what we've done with the baby room so far - I first wanted to show you my initial inspirations for the room.
I made this little nursery inspiration board back in December - about 24 hours after I found out we were having a girl! Haha. I'm definitely not a procrastinator! :)
The room already had 3 white walls and 1 navy accent wall (since we decided to move the nursery into the guest room) - and I wanted to keep the wall colors the way they were. 
Definitely not your average nursery wall colors - or colors for a baby girl - but I love it.
For the crib - I wanted something with straight lines. For some reason - the cribs that have rounded frames I didn't like as much. And I wanted something that I could use for a girl or a boy (ya know, for baby #2) and the straight lined cribs seemed more gender neutral to me.
I really loved the way this crib looked with the wooden trim. It just seems like the perfect little crib.
For the dresser / changing table - I already knew what dresser I wanted - and it was this Hemnes Ikea Dresser that probably everyone owns. It has a lot of storage space - and has a large surface area so it can be used as a changing table. I love it! (Pottery Barn Kids have some that look almost identical to it that are over $1000.  So for $230 - the Ikea one is an amazing deal!)
For the glider/ottoman: I knew I wanted something that looked like a real chair - not an ugly baby room rocking chair.  So I loved the upholstered chairs that I can add a fun throw pillow to.  I also loved the leather poufs at Land of Nod (LOVE this one!!). They are SO FUN and add a pop of color to the room.  However, I ended up getting a different ottoman that was a little more comfortable since it glides along with my chair (more comfortable means less cute)...but I am really happy with it in the end. You will see.... :)
For the main decorations: I 100% did NOT want a theme. I do NOT want cartoonish looking animals on the sheets or wall decals of little princesses or any of that. I'm honestly not a fan of "themed baby rooms". Instead, I wanted to have a modern sophisticated baby room that was filled with abstract artwork, geometric shapes and pops of hot pink! And ofcourse - little things here and there for the baby - like little plush elephants, piggy banks, childrens books, etc.
So there you have little nursery inspiration! I can't wait to show you what I ended up with!
Stay tuned!! :)
P.S. I'm 31 weeks today!!! Wooohooooo!!!


Meredith said...

what, you're 31 weeks already!! man doesn't it go fast. love your inspiration pieces

Brianne Bracco said...

So cute!! I love the colors!

Anne said...

Can't wait to see it! We have the same crib and dresser so it will be fun to see how they turn out in your style and for a girl :) And I am so with you on not-ugly rockers and non-themes.

brittany @ g squared said...

Hate themes! Can't wait to see how it turns out. You are smart for keeping neutral walls. I plan to let Norah pick her own room color when she's old enough to have preference and I'm glad we will only have to paint one wall! (Pink accent- rest are gray). Or if we use that room later for something/someone else.