Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Five

Five Random Things for this Friday:
1. Hot Tub!
I don't think I ever mentioned that we got a hot tub for Christmas! Well, surprise - here it is!!
It's been so cold and snowy since Christmas that we couldn't get the electrical work done - but now that it's spring time we are doing more things around the house! Our electrician came last week and had to add a new electrical box to the backyard along with new wires and everything! And this week we had a hot tub service guy coming to add a few new features to the tub so the water is safe for a baby (obviously it will be a room temperature tub for the baby!)! (but less chlorine/chemicals,etc) :) Preggo people can't get into a hot tub - but I can guarantee CV will be in here tonight!!
2. New Babies!
Two of my close friends had their babies in the last week!! I was lucky enough to go to the hospital to meet this little cutie right after he was born. And of course I had to snap a quick photo.
Aren't these two adorable!!
3. Our Kitchen Renovation!
Our Kitchen Renovation is completed!!!!! Stay tuned next week to see the final images AND I plan on sharing how much all of it cost too.
Here's a blurry iPhone sneak peek of the before and after in the mean time. :)
4. Workplace Count Down!
Remember this post.  Well, I feel like I'm not only counting down the days until our baby due date (56 days left, ya'll!) but I'm also (regretfully) counting down the days until I will be out of a job. The workplace is already starting to feel weird since a lot of people already left the company. Most of my work days are pretty boring since I'm not taking on anymore big projects at this time - and my number of meetings per day have decreased significantly. I guess that's what happens when you are closing an office!
On a good note - these boring work days gave me enough time to write all of my baby shower thank you cards and pin a lot of things on Pinterest! :)
5. Home cooked Meals!
Just wanted to give props to my hubby for making me some healthy home cooked meals this week.  This day - he made grilled salmon with a combination of brussels sprouts, fingerling potatos, onions and bacon! Thanks hubby!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!
P.S. I'm 32 weeks pregnant today!!!!


Allison said...

32 weeks?! Ah! So exciting. And you have a hot tub?! That is amazing. Instant date night after baby comes and is and hot tub. Yes and yes.

Pamela said...

Your kitchen looks gorgeous, & the salmon looks absolutely delicious!!

Pamela said...

Your kitchen looks gorgeous, & the salmon looks absolutely delicious!!

Kayla MKOY said...

I've always wanted a hot tub! I guess I should get a home first! ;) haha! Your picture of your friend with her newborn has me all giddy I'm praying my friend who was induced this morning has her little one so I can so squeeze her and take a few photos! ;)

Brittany said...

Arghh...I would do just about anything for a hot tub! That sounds glorious right now. The kitchen looks amazing! ...and so does the food. Haha!

Anne said...

Soooo exciting on the kitchen! Well, everything else too, but I'm just really excited to see these photos :) Also can your hubby come grill some fish at my house? I'm TERRIBLE at cooking fish but want to eat more of it...