Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baby Showers Galore + Shower #1

In the past three weeks, I've been super blessed with three amazing baby showers.
I always thought it was weird (and maybe greedy) when people have more than one bridal/baby shower - but it totally makes sense that sometimes a few smaller showers (all with different people) are better than one large shower. (Why are they better??? Well, it's easier to mingle with everyone, the party doesn't last forever, and people don't have to watch you open a million gifts - which can get boring!.)

Here is how mine were broken down.
Shower #1: A small group of Cincinnati friends. (all our husbands are BFF, so we all hang out together often.)
Shower #2: A small group of my Memphis friends and close family.
Shower #3: CV's family (his mom/aunts/cousins), our "second" family in Cincinnati who are the hosts of the party, and my Cincinnati friends that didn't fit in the Shower #1 group. 

So, let's first talk about Shower #1.
This shower was complete with fine china, an amazing diaper cake and custom made cookies.  All the details were so perfect and it definitely made my first baby shower so special!
We played two games.
1.  "The Price is Right" - there was a list of baby items and you had to guess the price.  I actually won this game, and it's probably because I had just put a lot of these items on my baby registry. haha!
2. "Name that Song" - we had to listen to 10 seconds of a Disney song and name that tune. 
Both games were so fun!!
Here are some more pictures from the day!
Super blessed all these ladies are in my life and I'm so happy they are filled with love for our newest addition to the V family! :)


Sarah Tucker said...

What a precious baby shower!

Pamela said...

absolutely gorgeous!!

Sarah said...

So much love surrounding you!

Brittany said...

These pictures are absolutely Pinterest-worthy. Such a gorgeous shower and I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of Name That Disney Song.

Erin LFF said...

You look beautiful and what a SWEET shower for little Baby V!! :) Is that a camera plush I spot?!

Anne said...

How sweet and fun! And I've never wanted china until I saw that set... lovely.

Kayla MKOY said...

Oh my word you're stunning momma!! ;) I think multiple showers are a great idea! Ah I love all the decor!!