Friday, March 20, 2015

Third Trimester Maternity Wardrobe

Guess what, friends?? Today, I enter into the THIRD TRIMESTER!!!
Hitting the third trimester mark really makes me think about a lot of in particular is my maternity wardrobe.
In the first trimester - everything pre-maternity still fit. I had to do the "hair tie trick" on my jeans in the last few weeks to give me one more inch, but that was it. No maternity clothes needed.
In the second trimester - I just needed the maternity basics.  These included:
Maternity jeans // Nice pants // Leggings // New Bras 
I could wear most of my pre-pregnancy pants until I was 17 weeks pregnant - but it started becoming very uncomfortable after that. So weeks 17-27 of my second trimester, I was strictly in maternity pants. No real need for maternity tops yet...most of my pre-pregnancy tops still fit so I kept those on heavy rotation. It was winter - so luckily I had a lot of loose fitting sweaters that could easily be worn with a medium size bump.
But that brings me to the third trimester....where my uterus is bigger than a basketball...I'm definitely more uncomfortable...I don't want to wear any pants....and I'm pretty much stretching out all of my non-maternity tops. Soooo, I finally went shopping for some proper maternity clothes.  Here are some things I've purchased so far that I plan to wear in the next few months...
(I'll probably have an all new wardrobe when I hit the last month as I will have a lot more belly and it will be HOT!) :)
It's still going to be cold here for another I purchased this similar maternity dress. Here is how I wish to style it: paired with booties and a scarf with gold jewelry...and a bag with some color.
This is very similar to the dress above, except the sleeves and color.
Here is how I wish to style it: a simple gold necklace, neutral nails and lips, a fun leopard print sandal and a color pop with a cross body purse.
I love this dress from Old Navy and so glad I found it - it's super soft, stretchy - and can be worn with belted or loose! (I prefer loose for comfort!)
Here is how I wish to style it. a fun animal print scarf, a cargo jacket or jean jacket, red nails and purse..and some fun sunglasses.
Let's hope I can pull off these outfits - and not end up wearing leggings and a big t-shirt every single day! Haha. :)
Maybe an OOTD maternity post will come soon....


Kayla MKOY said...

I have a feeling when I'm pregnant (particularly in the third trimester) I won't ever want to wear pants. Dresses for the WIN!!!!

purpun said...

You have beautiful style!!!

I'm not a stylish person at all but I would love to get a little more stylish for pregnancy #2 (next year... or later!). My third trimester took me from mid-July to mid-October last year and I made do alternating between two identical black maternity dress pants and a handful of light maternity tops (+ Costco zip up hoodies if it got chilly). I found that my maternity "must-have" were empire tops. I just looked like a blob in anything else! For that reason I love that first dress. I got a similar one from H&M and I'd refer to it as my Kate Middleton dress (even though she wore that famous blue dress postpartum... but I still love the look). ;)

Style on momma!

Candice Lynn said...

you'll look adorable in anything! where is that cargo jacket from??

Erin LFF said...

I cannot believe you're in the 3rd trimester already! Where is time going?!?! You are so fashionable :)

Brittany said...

Yay! You're getting so close!

Anne said...

I lived in dresses like those - definitely the most comfortable, especially as when I got big enough the bump started to actually REPEL pants, no matter how "maternity-friendly" the waistband. I adore that last outfit and am totally going to be copying in non-maternity version.

And sooo exciting how close you're getting to meeting your little sweetie!

Anne said...

p.s. yes, we want to see an OOTD post with you in these cute outfits! :)

Allison said...

Yes to dresses all day everyday. Love all these outfits! :)