Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Second Trimester: Must Haves

I only have 2 more weeks in my 2nd trimester! Isn't that crazy!!??!
I can't believe the 3rd trimester is just around the corner...for those of you who are are some of my second trimester must haves!
(Weeks 13-27)
1. Prenatal Massages: I was super lucky that my MIL bought me several prenatal massages for my Christmas present! They are definitely a must!! My body was always aching, so it felt good to get a few professional massages and help relax those stressed and stretched muscles. (Although I still love the non-professional husband massages too!)
2. New Bras: My girls went up two sizes in the second trimester. Wow. New bras were a must, I literally laugh when I put on my "old" bras - it doesn't even come close to fit me. I love the Body By Victoria full-coverage bras, they are so comfortable....although the price tag is kinda high when you don't know how long you're going to stay at this size. (If your bras still fit but are a little tight around your body - pick up these!! I needed an inch more space in a few bras, and now my bras are a lot more comfortable!)
3. Prenatal Workout DVDs: I bought 3 DVDs so I can get some exercise. (It's like 0 degrees in Cincinnati, so I couldn't take a walk or do anything outdoors.) I bought Yoga, Pilates and a general workout one. Pick which one works best for you.
4. Phone/Camera: Only because I was constantly taking bump photos in mirrors! This is the time your body really starts transforming, so I took a mirror selfie at every chance I got! It's definitely fun to look through my phone and see how my belly has changed. :)
5. Chapstick: I always have chapstick on me at all time, so this is a must-have in life. But really, keep one next to your nightstand...those vivid dreams + sleeping with your mouth open = really chapped lips.
6. Fruit: I haven't had too many cravings yet, except for fruit and sweet potatoes. Weird, huh?  When you're pregnant, you're constantly interested in snacks, so make a few of those snack-stops for fruit! (Otherwise, I love snacking on sugary cereal, popcorn, granola bars, etc!)
7. Exercise Ball: When you're pregnant they call this a "birthing ball', but it's really just any ordinary exercise ball.  We already had one at home, so I got lucky! It definitely makes my hips feel better when I sit on it, instead of the couch. I try to sit on it and bounce/stretch every night.
8.  Maternity Jeans: And my favorite maternity jeans go to AG Jeans.  Yes, they have a very eye-opening price tag, but I've been wearing these puppies 3x a week, so they are definitely worth the expensive price. Trust me, when you're pregnant, pants are NOT your you will pay just about anything for some comfortable ones.
 Hope this helps! :)
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Health, Love & Fire said...

Wow I can't believe you're almost in your second trimester! Where has the time gone! I felt like my first one went by so slowly but now that the second hit, I keep forgetting what week I'm even at! I've been holding off on the bump photos, but you're convincing me to get past my insecurities and just take them because I will want to look back on them!

Kayla MKOY said...

I can't even believe you're 2nd trimester is almost over! Time is flying. Girl, I'm not even pregnant but everything on this list seems appealing to me haha!

Erin LFF said...

A massage is ALWAYS a good gift idea!! ;) I love reading your updates/insights!