Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Five...

Five things going on lately....
1. Photography
There are a lot of perks that come with knowing how to take a good picture...but my favorite is that you are there for the most special times in your friend's lives. I helped photographed my friend's baby shower and photographed my friends maternity photos a few weekends ago. It's so fun to play a special role during an exciting time in their lives!
...don't you just love the pics in the snow???
I've also been taking pictures of other people too...but my photography business is definitely taking a back seat so I can focus more on "nesting"! :)
Here are some favorites that I took this month...isn't this little girl ADORABLE???

2. Artwork / Nursery Progress
I'm so in love with the painting I made for baby girl!! Every time I walk down the hallway I peek into the room and just stare at it! Her little nursery is really coming together, in the past week we have hung up a lot of things on the walls, bought and put together her closet organizers, and bought a few decorative items that are tying this room together. I can't wait to share the finished room! :)
3. Our Kitchen
I left you hanging on our kitchen remodel, huh??? Well, it's because it is STILL in the works.  (Will this project ever be completed???) Right now we are adding the backsplash on the walls and the molding to the floor....and then it will be 95% done.  I plan to post an update in the next week!!
Here's what it looked like after we demo'd it!
See our original kitchen and Part I of our Renovation.

4. Memphis Trip
My last little roadtrip to Memphis before the baby comes is planned very soon!! I'm SO EXCITED to see all my favorite people in one weekend! I have two friends coming in town from Nashville and one friend coming in town from Arkansas - all to see me and attend my baby shower! And of course I have some amazing friends in Memphis who will be there too! I sure am surrounded with lots of love!!

5. No Babymoon (insert sad face here)
Although it sounds wonderful to go on a last minute trip with CV, the truth is - we just don't have any time.  Our entire calendar is filled up in April - literally every weekend is booked with either visitors (two weekends in a row) or going out of town (to Memphis) or with baby showers, etc. etc.  My calendar is pretty open in May - but CV's is still really busy and I might not be able to travel that close to my due basically we missed our window to go on a babymoon, as we probably should have gone in the winter months! (Ohwell!!) 
Good thing we vacationed in the Dominican right before we got pregnant - so at least our last special trip wasn't too long ago. Looks like we will be having a lot of Cincinnati date nights instead, and that's o-k with me!

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope the weekend treats you well! :)


Laura Marie Keenan said...

You are a brave brave woman for handling a kitchen remodel while pregnant! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good site.

brittany @ g squared said...

We skipped a babymoon too. Slightly depressing but just an excuse to vaca ASAP after baby :)

Kayla MKOY said...

I had never even heard of a "baby moon" until I started blogging haha! Just make sure to go on lots and lots of Cincy dates!! Your photos, as usual, are gorgeous!!

Family and the Lake House said...

I love your photos! Very pretty and inspirational. Congrats on your little girl. It's so nice that you have an established blog to document her! Anyhoo, I'm a new follower via bloglovin! I can't wait to read more! :) -Marie :)

Alec @ Singletary's Life as we know it said...

Looks like you have a lot of exciting things going on! Great pictures and btw I love that your friends call you Jax! Its a name we have been talking about for our future kiddos, since my grandfathers name was Jack, and I love it for a girl! :) Stoping by from the Friday link up!

Anne said...

Your photos! Love.

And lots of Cincinnati date nights is a great idea pre-baby. I had a little bucket list of things to make sure we got to before we had to think about babysitters in order to do them, and it was a lot of fun. Plus if you have willing grandparents, you can take a warm trip next winter without the little one, and it'll be even more fun to do that than to go while pregnant :)

Brittany said...

That little girl is precious! Gorgeous pictures as always! Also, I think some simple date nights are the perfect alternative to a babymoon! You'll be getting your fill of things that you might not be able to do for a while! Have a great time in Memphis!