Monday, February 23, 2015

Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 23-24

Weeks 23-24

Size of Baby: Grapefruit (23w) and Cantaloupe (24w)
Gender: It's a Girl (name is still a secret!)
Feeling: Great! Amazing! Blessed!
Weight: +17 pounds total. As long as I stay under 35 pounds total in the end, I'll be a happy camper! 
Maternity Clothes: I'm slowly filling my closet with more maternity clothes. I did some online shopping at Old Navy & ASOS this week. (that's what happens when you're stuck inside all week due to a snowstorm) I hope these clothes are cute when they arrive in person.

Symptoms: I feel great in the mornings, but the evenings are a little less comfortable. My stomach feels so tight after eating...and my body aches here and there. Oh, and I have to pee more than usual....but that's it! Not too bad.
Stretch Marks: I've been lathering up with cream every single day. Let's hope it prevents any stretch marks!
Movement: Tons and tons of movement. She especially likes to kick when I'm driving/riding in the car.  
Highlights: Going to our first (of 5) childbirth classes.  The first class wasn't that exciting so far, but I like that we are being prepared. Also, we bought our glider and ottoman!! Yay!!! It takes 8-12 weeks to arrive since we did a custom order, but hopefully it gets here sooner than later.
Looking forward to:  Going to my 24week appointment today, we get another ultrasound so I'm excited to see our little sweetie very soon!!! :)


Meredith said...

You look great, I swore by this oil and cream I got from A Pea in the Pod and never got a single stretch mark.

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Ahaha YAY for Asos and Old Navy snow day online shopping fun!!!! xx

Allison said...

You look gorgeous! Look at that bump!! So exciting about the baby furniture! :)

Kaity said...

Oh my goodness- you're really starting to look the part :) Such a cute belly!

Erin LFF said...

That bump is ADORABLEEEEE :)

Ericka said...

You look great!!!! Such a cute baby bump :)