Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday...

{one} I have an amazing giveaway starting next week!!!
One lucky person will win a new pair of baby moccasins from Freshly Picked!!
(size and color are your choice! Retail $60!)
Make sure you follow my instagram account so you can enter to win! The contest will be on instagram and not the blog - so make sure you follow me!
{two} Snow Snow Snow...and More Snow!
I don't know about the weather where you are...but Cincinnati is covered in inches and inches of snow! Here are some pictures from my front and back yard....ridiculous!!! (Although I did enjoy working from home 3 days last week due to the bad weather!)
This is what it looked like when I SHOVED the back door open! That's a lot of snow!!!
{Three} Valentine's Day
CV and I spent Valentine's day together at home. I was actually pretty sick all that weekend, so we decided to stay in...pop some champagne (or in my case - Sparkling Grape Juice)...and make some homemade pizzas.  We set up a little picnic infront of our fireplace and had a great little time!
(And ofcourse the hubby bought me some beautiful red roses!)
{Four} Paisley is a Teenager!
Paisley turned 13 on Valentine's day! I can't believe this little stinker is a little teenager! (or I guess 91 in dog years) The picture on the left is from her birthday...and as always, she's sticking out her tongue! Isn't she the sweetest thing ever?
{Five} Spring Time Planning
(thanks for the sweet flowers, CV!)
I have so many fun things planned for showers thrown by thoughtful friends...a maternity photo session for me & CV...a trip to Memphis to see all my favorites...and some more home renovations! So many things to do before the little baby arrives! :)
Thanks for checking in! See you next week for my giveaway!! :)
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P!nky said...

Oh my goodness, those mocs are sooo sweet. I know quite a few ladies that could use them :)!

All that snow, holy cow!

Love the flowers, so pretty!


Pamela said...

ah the moccasins are precious! that is a lot of snow on your back porch, ha!

Jess Scott said...

I am so over the snow!! We have FEET of snow in Maine...I am ready to see the grass again! A teenage dog...haha, too funny! He is super cute, though!! :) Have a great weekend!!

Smile Tinsley said...

I love all your fives! Freshly Picked is awesome, I follow her on instagram. I feel you on the snow, it is freezing here in Michigan. Your dog is adorable. The tulips are so pretty, love flowers. Have a blessed weekend. #ohheyfriday

Kayla MKOY said...

While of course I love the flowers he got you, that silver vase in the last picture has me dying! Love it :) and your pup is just the cutest!!! You are straight ROCKING this pregnancy, friend!

Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

A fireside picnic sounds perfect!! So sorry you were feeling unwell though. Happy 13th birthday to your doggie! :) Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!

Allison said...

I will definitely be entering to win some Moccs! Wahoo. And too much SNOW...I'm ready for spring!!

Brittany said...

I'm totally over the snow, too. It's pretty from inside, but then I have to trudge through it on the way to work and I realize it's not THAT pretty...haha! Love all the gorgeous flowers!