Friday, February 13, 2015

5 Favorite Non-Registry Baby Shower Gifts

I currently have 11 friends and family members who are pregnant right now.  Crazy right?
1 is due in March, 3 in April, 4 in June (5 if you include myself), 1 in July (twins!), 1 in August, and 1 in September. That's a lot of babies this year...
and...that's A LOT of baby showers too!!!
For baby showers, I usually try to buy a few things from the registry, and 1-2 non-registry items. There are just too many cute things out there for new moms that I want to buy my friends.
Here are some of my favorite things to buy new/expecting moms...
...some of these items I already own so I'm super excited to check them out myself!!

1. "I'm So Pregnant" T-shirt
I actually think funny maternity t-shirts are pretty awesome and they make a great gift. This one from Hello Merch cracks me up! I'm going to wait until I'm closer to my due date to wear mine so it will be extra humorous.  Check back in a couple months - I'll be sporting this little t-shirt soon!
2. Happy Baby Wrap
Seriously, how cute are these soft baby carriers. I love the idea of carrying my little baby around and having them close to me, while my arms are free. These are organic, lightweight and ideal for hot weather (good for a summer baby!) I love that they come in different colors and styles too, it's a great gift for a mom on the go!
3. Teething Necklaces
I wear a necklace every single day. I love statement jewelry and love how it can jazz up a simple outfit.  But realistically, a necklace will probably get in the way when cuddling/nursing a baby. So I love that there is nursing jewelry out there. Particularly, beaded teething necklaces! It's something stylish that a new mom can wear that won't hurt the baby (or break bc the baby is pulling on it) and it is useful since the baby can teeth on it. Adorable, right!?
I think it's a great gift for a stylish mom!

4. Closet Dividers
I saw many DIY projects on how to make your own closet dividers, and I also saw several in etsy stores, but none of them were that cute.  Until I found Lucy Darling....OMG. I love love love her products.  These are literally the cutest closet dividers that I've ever seen.  They are thick/sturdy and I love that they are easy to see in your closet. I bought some for myself and also bought some for a friend's baby shower too! They got a lot of applause at the shower! :)
It definitely makes clothes organization a little bit easier, so it's a great gift for an organized mom (or a mom who needs to be more organized!) haha.
(Use discount code Jax2015 for 10% off! This code expires in 10 days.)
5. Monthly Stickers
You know I love it's no surprise I would want to buy all my friends these amazing photo props! Lucy Darling has so many designs and themes that make it so much fun to take milestone photos of your baby! Again, I already bought two sets of these for friends because they were too cute!! Definitely a great gift for a picture taking mom! :)
(Use discount code Jax2015 for 10% off! This code expires in 10 days.)

 That's all for now. But I'm sure I will find a lot more great non-registry baby shower gifts in the coming weeks! I can't wait to add more amazing products to my new-mom collection and spoil my expecting friends! :)


P!nky said...

Those tags are amazing! so perfect for a closet!

Anne said...

Babies galore! How fun. I got a great teething necklace as a baby gift and now that's my go-to non-registry item for stylish mamas-to-be. The stickers are a great idea too, and I've also started buying cute pacifier clips as well - something that turned out to be a MUST but I didn't realize it until I had picked up the darn pacifier off the floor a million times. So it's nice to fill in other 1st timers by gifting it :)

Jess Scott said...

I love that shirt...and the tired/not tired ones for when the baby is born. :)

Kaity said...

SO MANY BABIES! I have a close friend due in May, a cousin and 3 co-workers due throughout the summer. I was telling my Mom the other day how much I love this phase of life when everyone is having kiddos- it's so much fun! <3

I love the monthly stickers- I would love to get those!

Sara McCarty said...

Love love love!! I'm a big fan of gifting closet dividers and monthly stickers too! That's something I feel like most new moms forget to register for. Love the ones you found here. I'm kicking myself that i didn't find those stickers for Mim...I want!

Brittany said...

That shirt is hilarious! Babies are a thing of the distant future for me, but this gives me perfect ideas for baby showers for my loved ones!

Elaine Welte said...

I love everything you picked out!!! If you're ever wanting to give handmade gifts to your friends, I'd love for you to check out my shop! I offer the most adorable monogrammed burp cloths! Would love for you to stop by and take a look!) Have a great weekend!

Mary said...

Sorry for the late comment (I'm binge reading!), but I love these ideas! I want to get all of them for my sister-in-law who just had a baby! Yay for nieces :)

Christian Capor said...

Such lovely gifts. I have bought some gifts a month ago from Ginger Kids for the birthday of my niece. I bought some bibs, baby thermometer and baby backseat mirror. Do you think this presents are the best?