Thursday, January 8, 2015

We're Having A........GIRL!!!! :)

I literally can't believe it....
The past three months my brain has been 100% on "boy".  I had many reasons why I thought it was a boy...the main one being scientific and knowing that if you "try" during a certain time in your ovulation cycle, you're more likely to have a boy.
We definitely weren't trying for either gender, I just know that's how the timing worked out for us that science brainwashed me into thinking it was going to be a boy from the very start!
And due to that...I brainwashed CV into thinking the same thing.
So there we were...thinking we were having a cute little boy....
Friday, December 26th, - CV and I had our ultrasound appointment at a local prenatal boutique, Becoming Mom. This little spa offers ultrasound appointments for anyone over 16 weeks pregnant, and since my doctor doesn't do an ultrasound/gender determination until 20 weeks, we jumped at the chance to see our little baby a month early and know the gender.
If you're in Cincinnati, I 100% recommend them. It was only $99 and worth every penny!
The spa was very spacious and nice, and they had a huge flat screen on the wall where you can see your baby! It wasn't stuffy like a doctors office, it literally felt like a spa and was very relaxing. 
(They wouldn't let us take photos of anything other than me laying down, so here I am....all ready to see my little baby!!)
The ultrasound was the best thing about pregnancy so far. Seeing that little angel for the first time was the best experience!! AND...our little sweetie WAVED AT US!!! And also gave us the "number one" sign with its adorable!!
We didn't want to know the gender until we were surrounded by they put the gender in a cute little envelope and we headed home to meet our friends and family!

I honestly didn't want to have a gender reveal party. This little get together was a last minute decision with CV's family - so there were no decorations, no Pinterest-worthy foods or games.
It was just me, CV, about 15 family members and one friend....and cake!
(My friend made two cakes that day - blue and pink - I handed her the envelope 10 seconds before we were going to cut the cake - so she could give us the correct cake to cut!)
Here is said friend!!! She's the best (and preggo too)!!
And the cake cutting begins.....
(Is THIS what I look like when I'm surprised??? Embarrassing!! I need to work on a better "surprise face"! :)
It's a GIRL!!!!
Even the MIL was completely caught off guard with a girl! She's HAPPY, wouldn't you say?
I had two envelopes ready to open after we cut the cake.  1. Boys Name 2. Girls Name.
We've been settled on our baby names for quite some time, so we let CV's mom open the envelope and read the girls name! So sweet!!  :)
IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!
We honestly can't believe our little sweetie is a little GIRL!!!
We would have been excited for either gender, but being completely caught off guard and surprised, kinda made it even more special to me.  We love her already!!! :)
Until next time...xoxoxox!


brittany @ g squared said...

So cute about the name! Are you keeping it a secret until she's born?

Pamela said...

AWWW how exciting!!!!

Kayla MKOY said...

She freaking WAVED at you?!!! Oh my word haha Id be framing that picture up and never taking it down. That's priceless!!!! Jax I'm so excited for you two!!!!

Meredith said...

Millie had her had up to her I in one picture and then waved in another, I love those ultrasound pics. Congrats, girls are awesome, sometimes drama filled but awesome!!

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

YAYYY baby girls!!!! xx

Brianne Bracco said...

Awww this is so sweet :) So happy for you and your family!

Shelley said...

oh wow, what a surprise! congrats on your baby girl :)

Allison said...

I have never heard that theory about the gender! Guess it doesn't work anyway. Haha. Congrats on baby GIRL! Are you sharing her name yet?!

Becky said...

Loved watching the video!!! :) Yayay for a sweet little girl!! When my mom was pregnant with my brother and I, they thought we were twin girls for 8 months! Then they found out one was a boy and they had to come up with a boy name quick :)

Brittany said...

This completely melts me! Your surprised face is precious and how cute is your mother-in-law?! My goodness. I hope I have good friends that will bake two cakes for a wonderful surprise! I can't wait to hear the name! CONGRATS!

Sarah Tucker said...

So happy for you!! And I totally am not pregnant but am convinced I am going to be a boy mom, so if I have a girl I will be shocked!

Mary said...

How sweet and exciting!!!

Katie said...

Yay soo exciting!! Are you keeping the name secret with the rest of the world until she makes her debut into the world?

Kelly Fulkerson said...

How fun! Love the idea of finding out the gender surrounded by all your loved ones. So sweet. :)

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

How exciting! Congrats!