Friday, January 16, 2015

Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 17-18

Surprise, Surprise - I'm a little behind on my weekly bump updates...again.
Oh, and I have no fancy (non-iPhone) photos either. Fail on two accounts.
Week 17/18:
Size of Baby: Onion (17w) and Sweet Potato (18w)
Feeling: Amazing!! My lower back has hurt a little(I think due to sleeping uncomfortably) but that's nothing worth complaining about.
Weight Gain: Our scale is still battery-less, but I weighed myself at work (with jeans and boots on) taking the additional shoe weight into consideration - I assume I've gained a total of 10 pounds right now, which is right on track.
Maternity Clothes: Just jeans! My pre-pregnancy tops still fit (the loose ones do anyways.)  And my "house clothes" still fit! Hooray for sweatpants, leggings and long sleeve tee-shirts! That's all I wear at home.
Symptoms: Eating small meals with lots of snacks! My stomach gets full very easily - I can't eat very large portions. And I'm super thirsty all the time - therefore using the restroom all the time too.
Highlights: We started our baby registries!! And we purchased our CRIB!!! Our first big purchase has now been made!! I can't wait until it arrives so we can put it together.
Husband - Major props to my husband who cooks me a delicious dinner and rubs my feet almost every night! :)
Looking forward to: My 20 week ultrasound appointment so I can see that little sweetie again.
(Here I am at 18w3d in my house clothes with messy hair and a cute doggie!)

My goal for week 19 is to get out my camera for the first time this year and take a proper bump photo! We will see!! :)


Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

You are too cute to boot!!! :) xx

Brittany said...

Can't wait to see the "proper" bump picture! Still so happy for you!

Allison said...

Love the last pic of you in your "house clothes." :)

Allison said...
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Kristin said...

You look great! No matter when you get to the bump updates, you'll be glad you did them! They were a pain in the butt and I hated them at the time but it's so fun to look back on them now!