Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 15-16

Okay, I obviously shouldn't do weekly bumpdates....because I'm already 2+ weeks behind. Whooops! Let's see if I can catch up!!
Week 15:
Size of baby: Naval Orange
Feeling: Amazing!!! And I'm feeling like "it's" a boy!! (I've felt this way the entire time!)
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing my one and only pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that fit. All my tops still fit though. :)
Symptoms: None this week, I'm feeling pretty great and "normal"!
Sleep: Sleeping great, still trying to conquer sleeping on my side like they recommend.
What I miss: My old jeans. I understand that I need maternity clothes...but maternity jeans just aren't that "cute" if you know what I mean. Sorry GAP, I bought two pairs of your maternity jeans and they are just "okay".
Looking forward to: KNOWING THE GENDER! We find out next week!!! :)

(here's my lame attempt at getting a bump selfie. haha. I'm just not good at taking pictures of myself with a mirror image.)
Week 16:
Size of baby: Avocado
Feeling: Amazing because we finally know the gender and got to see the ultrasound! (My next post will be on the gender reveal so stay tuned!)
Maternity Clothes: Ahhhhhh, so I finally splurged on the best maternity jeans ever made (thanks to my sis for giving me a gift card for Christmas which paid for a good portion of them!).  They were about triple what I wanted to spend on maternity jeans, but they are worth every penny.  I'll be wearing them every day for the next 6 months.
Symptoms: None really, unless you count the fact that I cry when any sad/sweet song comes on the radio.  I heard my favorite Christmas song "Oh Holy Night" on the radio and cried like a baby. No idea why...it was just so beautifully sung that I wept.
Sleep: Sleep is great....except the night we found out the gender. Then my brain was thinking about nurseries and d├ęcor and etc.
What I miss: Deli Sandwiches!! I could really go for a cold turkey sandwich right now. :)
Looking forward to: Decorating the nursery...even though we won't be doing that for a few months.
(hi bump!)
(Disregard the messy background, but I wanted to capture what I looked like from the front!)
And there you have it....
Okay...the next weekly bumpdate will have more quality photos of me + bump, I promise!!! :)


Brittany said...

I'm a little uninformed on pregnancy everything, so when you said you missed deli sandwiches, I looked it up. I'm starting to rethink having a future child. Kidding, of course, but seriously, no Jimmy Johns?! UGH!

P!nky said...

You look so cute!!! So exciting that you know the gender, I can't wait to find out!

Kayla MKOY said...

You are SO darn cute!!! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks :)

Allison said...

Not eating deli sandwiches was the worst! So excited to find out the gender! Yay. Can't wait to see that bump in person too. Hoping we can carpool together! :)

Anne said...

I can't remember if I commented this on a previous one, but this is such the perfect way to do a pregnancy journal! Brief enough to be something you can maintain, but enough little details that it'll be so fun to look back on. Loving following along - and your adorable little bump!

Meredith said...

um you look amazing and I love that bedspread. where's it from?

Kelli Gilbert said...

you are the cutest! so glad I found your blog! xoxo