Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pregnancy Journal: Week 19

A little weekly bump update plus more bad iPhone pictures of me in house clothes. :)
Size of baby: Mango
Feeling: Pretty amazing!! Energy levels are UP, not feeling sick at all, just feeling a little heavy and tight in the belly after I eat a meal. Small portions are key!!
Weight Gain: I'll find out on Monday at the doctors office. I hope its on track!
Maternity Clothes: Still just wearing maternity jeans or yoga pants/leggings...all other clothes are my regular clothes.
Symptoms: I've started to get that line on my stomach already! Isn't it crazy that its already there?? I heard when you have a darker complexion, it shows up faster. It's a faint line - but it's definitely there.
Also, I can tell my belly button is a lot more shallow than it used to be. I wonder if I'll be getting an outie soon.
Movement: No movement yet! I've felt a few things...but I honestly couldn't tell you if it was a flutter, or just digestion of food.
Highlights: Putting together the dresser/changing table for the nursery this week and scheduling my baby showers. It's so fun to have those on the calendar.
Husband: Unfortunately, CV was out of town this week in sunny Key West, FL. But I'm happy he was able to go and enjoy a little vacation. (because lets face it - he won't be able to leave me for a week for a long time after the baby gets here!) :)
Looking forward to: Feeling a kick!!! And tomorrow since it is my 20 week milestone! I can't believe I'm one day away from being half-way through pregnancy!
Time sure is flying!!!


Health, Love & Fire said...

You're adorable! I love reading your updates! I can't believe you're already half way!

Anne said...

So cute! Can't wait to see that little bump in person :)

And baby kicks are the BEST. That's such a fun milestone to reach in the pregnancy - I'm sure it'll be soon!

Brianne Bracco said...

You and your bump are just soooo cute my friend! xoxo

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

You and your bump are so darn precious! xx