Monday, January 12, 2015

First Trimester: Must Haves

For those of you trying...or in your first trimester:
Here were my First Trimester Must Haves. Hope this helps someone out there! :)
1. Bump Nest Pillow: Some people wait until the second trimester to get their pregnancy pillow, but I was having trouble sleeping right from the start. My "morning sickness" was at night - so this pillow definitely helped make me more comfortable and sleep through the night. 
This particular pillow is great, but probably on the higher side at $99.  I actually don't sleep with it every night because it does make me feel a little "trapped" sometimes. I would still recommend it though. It's soft, comfortable, has a removable/washable cover and it definitely helps me not sleep on my back.
2. Burt's Bees Belly Butter: I'm scared of getting those dreaded stretch marks - so I bought a jar of this almost immediately.  I put on a little in the morning...and a little before I go to bed. I like the smell and the texture....I just hope it WORKS! Only time will tell!
3. Pregnancy Books/Apps:  I've read quite a few books and have a few apps on my phone that I really like.  I think everyone is different and like to read/learn in different ways.  A lot of the recommended books I read - I didn't like (they seemed very common sense to me). So I think it just depends on the person.  I do, however, like the What to Expect app on my iPhone.  (You don't need the book if you get the app.) And I like the BabyBump app - it actually emails me a tip every day, and emails me weekly to tell me how big my baby is and what its doing! :)
4. Snacks:  Snacks are different for everyone.  I was really sick during my first trimester so I needed ginger ale, crackers (the goldfish crackers were the best to me!) and I loooooved soft pretzels, particularly from the mall.  These snacks definitely helped me feel less nauseous.  I also craved clementines and any fruit! Oh, and drink a lot of water too!!!
5. Prenatal Vitamins: I could write an entire post on prenatal vitamins (and maybe I will)...since I've taken several different brands. But the point need to take a prenatal vitamin! Actually, you need to take one when you start trying - and even beforehand.  I started taking mine about 4 months before I got pregnant. (and since I didn't know anything about them - mine were so disgusting and HUGE horse pills! I've since learned there are better tasting ones out there!) They make them in capsules and also in gummies - pick what's right for you!
6. Lotion: Stock up on lotion! You will need it. My skin was so dry and itchy that I applied lotion all the time. And moisturizing your skin will hopefully prevent stretch marks too! :)
7. And Not Pictured: MOVIES:  Since you're keeping this secret from most of your friends (and since I was sick at night) I stayed in at night and watched a lot of movies! Make sure you have something to keep you occupied since you might be forgoing a lot of social events!

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Allison said...

I agree 100% with all of these! Soft pretzels though...why didn't I think of that while pregnant? YUM! And yes to the prenatal vitamins too...the first ones I took were nasty and smelled like fish then I discovered the Target gummy prenatals!