Friday, December 12, 2014

Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 4-12

I wanted to keep track of some highlights & lowlights of my first trimester...
Feel free to read along - or I don't blame you if you completely skip this blog post entirely. haha.
Highlights: The positive sign on the pregnancy test. (I actually found out at 3 weeks and 6 days!)Telling CV the big news!! And being super ridiculously happy!!
Lowlights: Being a little nauseous and not sleeping very well.

Highlights: My first doctors appointment because she confirmed I was pregnant!! And she confirmed my due date, which falls on an extra special day!!
Lowlights: The "girls" being very sore and feeling very nauseous. Also, looking like I have a small beer gut from being bloated.

Highlights: Telling my closest friends the news while we were in FL. (I couldn't PRETEND to drink for 5 whole days at a girls beach trip with my closest of course I had to tell them.)
I waited until the first night when we were all dressed and ready for dinner. I poured everyone a glass of champagne...and we posed for a picture cheers-ing with our glasses. And right when everyone took a drink....I said "I'M PREGNANT". :) So much fun to see everyone's reaction. I love these girls!
Lowlights: Nauseous. Nauseous and more nauseous. Oh, and tired.
Highlights: Telling CV's parents the news. We weren't planning on telling them until 12 weeks, but we were too excited one day and decided to call them and tell them.  His mom had the highest pitch squeal I've ever heard! It's so fun to tell people the news. :)
Lowlights: Morning Sickness. Yes, the "sickness" has started, but its not always in the morning - it's usually when I get home from work or after dinner. Also, my jeans are feeling a little snug which I'm not happy about since its WAY too early for maternity clothes. (and also because its due to bloating and not due to a baby!)

Highlights: My wonderful husband making me lots of dinners and rubbing my feet every night! And sleeping like a log! :)
Lowlights: Lots and lots of morning sickness. (at night) And not being able to eat much because everything sounds really gross to eat. All I want to eat are soft pretzels from the mall, caramel popcorn and cheese and crackers.

Highlights: Going to Memphis and finally being able to tell my family & bff the news (since I wanted to tell them in person.) I didn't really do anything special in telling them...I just pretty much blurted it out when I saw them, haha.  And for my sister - I actually told my niece that she was getting a baby cousin next summer and I told her to tell her mom for me.  So my sister actually heard it first from my 6 year old niece...which was pretty cute! :)
(Here I am 9 weeks preggo...about to pop the button off these jeans!)
Lowlights: More nausea and sickness. And still having to wait another week to hear the long to wait!

WEEK 10:
Highlights: FINALLY going to our first real doctors appointment and hearing the little one's heart beat! It was 160bpm!! Most amazing thing to ever hear!! :)
(A picture of us in the waiting room. It was 7AM and 30 degrees outside - don't judge!) :)
Lowlights: The blood work at the doctors office! Getting poked my needles is not fun!!
And being in the middle of a kitchen renovation - that means when I'm craving spaghetti - I can't even make it!! Grrrr....

WEEK 11:
Highlights: Remember that spaghetti I was craving....well my highlight this week is eating homemade spaghetti & meatballs from CV's best friend who knew I was craving it! He even made the sauce homemade - it was amazing & I'm so thankful for friends who do great gestures like this!!
Lowlights: Still getting sick and throwing up at night. I'm hoping this will end very soon.

WEEK 12:
Highlights: Telling Friends and Family at Thanksgiving!!! We've been looking forward to this holiday for a long time know as we knew that's when we were 12 weeks (11w6d) and it was safe to tell all our close family and friends at our Thanksgiving events!!
And finally reaching the 12-week milestone...which gives me a lot of peace of mind.
Lowlights: Still throwing up...and my pants barely fit. I've been doing the "rubber band trick" A LOT! (Not a fan of the belly bands at all.)
(Here we are at Thanksgiving (11w6day)! I wore a loose fitting shirt to hide the small bump.....and to hide all the turkey I planned to eat!)

Hope this all explains why I've been MIA the last three months!
Be back soon!!! :)


P!nky said...

SUCH A FUN POST! I love how you told your friends, that's so fun!

Hope you're feeling better, that nausea sounds awful!

Kayla MKOY said...

I absolutely LOVE reading about this stuff!!!!!! I'm so excited for you, Jax! You're going to be a great mother!!!

Jordon said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats! I love reading things like this!

Erin LFF said...

Booo to all the sickness! Hoping most of that has passed for you now?? xo

brittany @ g squared said...

Your first trimester sounds identical to mine. I call girl :)

Pamela said...

aww presssshhh :) Love your girlfriends reactions & the timing that you told them, ha!

Donn24g said...

This is ALL so exciting!! Are you going to find out hte sex? One tip, i recommend getting a bella band (they sell them everywhere), or if i see you i have a couple i can give you one. They are basically stretchy elastic that goes over your pants to you can wear them unbuttoned to make your regular clothes stretch a little longer. This phase is so hard when you arent quite big enough for maternity but cant button your normal clothes. agh! Welcome to the second TRi- it's the BEST! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Brittany said...

Yay! I'm still so very excited for you! You're just the prettiest mama!

Legally Lovely said...

Ahhhhhhh, Jax! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is so exciting! I actually loved reading this post. Not very many of my close friends have started a family yet, so I have NO IDEA what's coming for me (someday). I like this little look into being pregnant!

I hope your sickness wears off soon and that you find a place to get all the spaghetti and meatballs you can eat. :)