Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our Kitchen Renovation (Part I) - The Beginning

Well, here's a reminder: Old cabinets, 1970 appliances, yellow tile backsplash, seashell wallpaper, linoleum flooring, florescent lighting, soffits above the cabinets, ugly countertops....
....shall I go on??? 
 Day 1:  Demolition Day: Everything was removed, including the soffits (bulkheads) that were above the cabinets. And the flooring was also pulled up. Woohoo!!
The only thing we kept from the original kitchen was our disposal.
Day 2-3: Wallpaper Day: CV removed the rest of the seashell wallpaper! :)
Day 5: Electric Day: The Electrician rewired the kitchen and put the wires behind the walls. He also moved a few outlets & updated all of our outlets to white ones! (The old ones were black!)
Day 7: Plaster Day: The holes in the walls and ceiling (from the soffits/bulkheads) were plastered, and the part of the wall where the yellow tile existed was plastered too.
Day 8: Sanding Day: The plaster had to dry over night, so today the plaster was sanded and smoothed out!
 Day 12: Tile Purchase: We finally decided on our tile and made the final purchase at Lowes!
Day 13: Appliances Purchase: We bought our appliances!!!! Thank the lord for week long Black Friday prices at HH Gregg.  We've had these appliances picked out for several months but was waiting until closer to renovation time to make the purchase...and so glad we did! What should have cost us over $3500+....only cost us $2300+! Woohoo!! :)
Day 15-18: Floor Installation: The floors were finally able to be put in. First, they had to remove all the staples from the floors, install hardy backer, and then lay and cut the tile!
(before photo)
Day 19: Grout:  The tiles were grouted with a light grey grout! Woohooo....we have floors!!!!
And guess what?? All the "squeaks" are gone!!!
Day 20: Cabinet delivery: The first delivery of cabinets were delivered!!
Day 23: Appliance delivery!! I've never been so excited to see appliances in my entire life.
Day 22-30: Cabinet Installation: Slowly...the cabinets are being built and put in place!
Day 23-25: Painting: We probably should have painted this room before the floors were installed, but let's just say "we've been busy" we finally got around to it and it took 3 long nights since we also still had some wallpaper to remove. We decided to paint the room a neutral color since we haven't picked out the backsplash yet....and we painted the chair rail white. (The room was originally wallpapered and the chair rail was blue.)
Day 25: We Can Cook: Our microwave and oven were officially hooked up! Guess who's making spaghetti for dinner!!??? :)
Day 25: Crown Molding: Beautiful Crown molding was installed to give our kitchen that finished built in look! I loooove it. (It just needs to be painted.)
Day 32: Pantry: Our pantry was finally installed (minus the hardware)...complete with pull out drawers that are soft-close!
(Every drawer and door in the whole kitchen is soft-close! It's so nice not to hear a door slam in the kitchen!)
Day 34: Dishwasher & Sink: This farm sink is beautiful!! Literally I designed the entire kitchen around this porcelain beauty! :)  It's not hooked up in the current picture, but DAY 35 the sink, garbage disposal and dishwasher were hooked up! :)
 Day 37:  Measuring:  People came over to measure for our quartz countertops.  It takes around two weeks to get the countertops cut and installed...which is just ridiculous.  Luckily, we had some scrap pieces of cabinets that we put down to act as our countertops until our real ones are ready.
Today is Day 38 of our kitchen renovation....and things are now on hold until January.
In January - we will install the countertops. We have five door fronts that were not ready yet that need to be installed. And at some point we will pick out backsplash and new lighting to complete the kitchen.
But guess what...the stove works, the sink and dishwasher work, I was able to put our dishes in 80% of the cabinets, and all our food is in the pantry and fridge. It's a "working kitchen"...but it's still "in the works."
Be back in January with Update #2.
(And hopefully the finished project!)


Pamela said...

oh my goodness!! It looks AWESOME so far!!

Katie said...

Gorgeous!! And that sink :) :)

Kaity said...

What a transformation! You must be so thrilled!

brittany @ g squared said...

LOVE quartz counter tops and white cabinets. Can't wait to see how this turns out. And the sink. So awesome! I love my kitchen but if I ever had to redo it, I would pick literally everything that you did. Congrats!!

Meredith said...

looks gorgeous. I love the pull out drawers in the pantry unit, I wish mine had that but the units I bought just have selves. I still say it was the best money thus far I've invested in my house (gutting my kitchen) but I can't say that I want to buy another house that needs a kitchen redo. such a long process

Meg Taylor said...

Wow!! Your kitchen is looking great!! I love seeing full gut-jobs!

Brittany said...

This looks amazing! I would have an absolute panic attack seeing my kitchen completely gutted like that, but obviously it's worth it when you look at the progress. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Becky said...

Wow!!! The side by side of the before and after is going to be like mind blowing! :) Looks amazing so far!!!

Anne said...

Even though you're stuck in an incomplete state, I still have kitchen envy! The flooring and sink you picked are soooo great. And oh how I'd love that amazing pantry.

Can't wait to see what you picked for counters! And I totally did the same thing as soon as I possibly could with putting dishes away, etc. - it's nice to at least have SOME use of the kitchen after that many days.

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I'm sure it's been tough to live in a renovation zone, but it will be so worth it when it's finished!

Allison @ Texas Mrs. said...

Its starting to look so great!!!!