Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Cincinnati

CV and I hosted Christmas this year for his family....
So that meant our guest room, my office (air mattress) and the couch were completely occupied for a week! Oddly enough - I took zero pictures of any people/festivities/games/etc. I literally stepped away from the camera and just enjoyed everyone's company.
Except for the few pictures I took of Paisley in front of the Christmas Tree.
(I've been a bad photographer/blogger this holiday!)
On Christmas Eve, we went to CV's aunts & uncles house to celebrate.  His entire family celebrates together - so it was fun to chat and catch up with everyone, and play a fun dirty Santa game! We usually go out of town for the holidays so we've never been able to take part in all the family fun, so I'm glad we were in town this year. (again, no pictures) :(
On Christmas Day, CV made a delish breakfast, lunch and dinner!! We had filets for dinner topped with shrimp (I had salmon since I can't eat undercooked meat) and it was fabulous! We had the traditional ham/green beans/casseroles,etc the night before, so it was nice to have a fancy meal that wasn't so traditional for Christmas.
The morning after Christmas we all went to the Woodhouse Day Spa for massages! I got a prenatal massage and it was amazing!! And the rest of our day was pretty amazing too...but that's another post!! (hint hint: gender reveal!!) :)
 We had tons of lovely Christmas d├ęcor in every room of the house...but this one is probably my favorite. It greeted everyone who came to our door! :)
I also made a hanging basket for our front porch filled with evergreens and juniper berries! It was so much fun to make.
And happily my friend EJ from L.A. was in town for the holidays - so we met up for an evening of hanging out and grabbed some pizza with some friends. I love her and miss her every day! (Come back to Ohio please!!!)
And of course there was the exchanging of gifts! CV got me the Kate Spade wallet I've been wanting...and a prenatal yoga DVD that I really wanted too! And there were tons of other amazing gifts flying around - and even some for little Baby Vollat too, which was the most fun to open! :)
Hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday.


Legally Lovely said...

Sounds like a great holiday! I did the same; no pictures, just lots of visiting! uggghhh, a massage sounds so good and I am not pregnant. But, hey, you have an excuse to maybe get a few more these next couple of months? :)

Kayla MKOY said...

LOVING the dog photos -- seriously the best. :) you're so talented...and hey, nothings wrong with stepping away from the camera for a bit!!! It's kinda good for us photogs every now and then ;)

Brittany said...

Sometimes, I think the best way to really be in the moment is to stop worrying about capturing the moment! I applaud you for not taking pictures...and I have a feeling that next holiday, there will be TONS of pictures. ;) Can't wait to read about the gender reveal!!

Anne said...

All sounds so lovely! (And after a week of staying at parents' houses, it sounds kind of nice to have people come to you, ha). And yes, prenatal massages are the best, especially if you're a stomach sleeper. I missed it so much, so getting to lay out on the massage table that had the drop-out to accommodate the belly was sooo nice :) Love your decorations and your festive pup too!