Thursday, October 16, 2014

Taking A Break...At The Beach!!!

My beach trip with five of my favorite girls couldn't have come at a better time!
I've been working 60+ hour weeks the past month and I'm literally soooo tired and sooooo worn out. So needless to say, I am so happy that the next week will be spent taking a much needed break by RELAXING ON THE BEACH.
Sippin' on some drinks, sticking my toes in the sand, getting some much needed sun, reading a book (although I haven't even had time to go BUY a book - so I'll probably buy one at the airport), maybe another cheesy photo session...and best of all - I get to spend five amazing days with five amazing girls. It can't get much better than that!
Today, my friend Alison and I are driving down to Nashville to have a fun dinner and spend the night with her sister...and then we will be up bright and early for our flight to FL.
(Driving & flying out of Nashville was like $300 cheaper than flying out of Cincinnati!)
Candice and April are meeting us at the airport and flying with us....and then Natalie and Kimberly will be shortly behind as they are driving from TN & AR.
Candice wasn't there for the first girls get together - so here's a picture of us in Austin TX a few years ago! :)
I can't wait!!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! :)


Kelly Fulkerson said...

Cincinnati is an amazing city, but one thing it IS missing is a beach... have a great time!!

P!nky said...


Meredith said...

Have a blast!!!

Brittany said...

Those pictures are the best. Have fun! You deserve it!

Kayla MKOY said...

That is going to be SO much fun!!!!!! Pack me in your suitcase??