Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's starting to feel like Fall!

This weekend was a very busy one.
So busy that I'm left with a stiff neck that I can't stretch or move around too much! :(
But regardless of my sore neck, the weekend had a lot of great highlights!
It started on Thursday night with a super long walk around our neighborhood.  CV & I usually walk the same trail every day, but we decided to switch it up and walk a different way...and guess what we found?! This amazing park with fountains, tree trails, a dock with wooden swings, and plenty of fun things to sniff for Paisley! I'm super excited I found this little gem, and can't wait to convince future photography customers to meet me there for a session! I just love our new little neighborhood!
On Friday, my coworkers and I volunteered for our "Change the World" campaign. We volunteer at a local community every year around 9/11. This year we chose Redwood, which is a center in Northern Kentucky that specializes in children and adults with multiple and severe disabilities. We helped them by landscaping, building educational learning programs and helped clean up and make their play ground safer! :)
Definitely a great day with my coworkers.
Friday night, CV & I met our friends A&A for dinner and caught up on life! It was pretty much three hours of straight chatting and laughing! I just love double dates! :)
Saturday, I photographed a wedding reception, as you probably saw from my Instagram sneak peek!
And I woke up early on Sunday and photographed a senior session and family session too!
(Then, spent 4 hours in front of the computer trying to get a head start on editing!)
Shew - I'm exhausted!

Sunday night, CV and I treated ourselves to a delicious dinner at Desha's, then we came home, started a fire...watched some TV and hit the sheets!
I'm definitely loving that it's starting to feel like Fall and we can get cozy in our home by lighting some pumpkin scented candles, while having a fire going in the fireplace! :)
Mmmmmm cozy!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!! xoxo!!


Health, Love & Fire said...

What an awesome park so close by! That's one of the things I am most excited about our new home are the walking options for the evenings! Definitely a great way to wind down a day and enjoy some time with the pup and husband!

Kayla MKOY said...

I'm OBSESSED with your fireplace wall...soo so pretty! Hasn't the weather lately been AMAZING!?!? ;)

Kelly Fulkerson said...

Where do you guys like to walk? We love the trails in the Hamilton county parks, but are always looking for new trails to explore!!

Erin LFF said...

You're a busy lil bee!! Question- did you put up the mantel on your fireplace? OR just paint an old one?

Legally Lovely said...

I am LOVING this weather. So glad Cinci decided to jump on the fall train, although it's supposed to be in the 80s this weekend and I'm crabby about it. I'll have to remind myself that I was bratty about warmth when Ohio decides to pour snow and cold on us this winter. :)

So awesome that you're doing so many photography sessions!! You go, girl!

Brittany said...

Your fireplace is seriously dreamy. I'm imagining drinking hot chocolate, snuggling on a couch and watching a movie with that fire roaring away. Bring on the fall temperatures.