Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dominican Republic - The Good and The Bad

Now that I shared the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana...
Let's dive into the other details of the the good and bad parts!
The Good:
+ direct flights both ways
+ fresh fruit delivered to our room
+ the view from our balcony
+ fresh flowers and "towel art" shaped as hearts in our room
+ delicious pastries and croissants just steps away
+ self-timed photo sessions (since I don't trust anyone to use my nice camera)...still a good thing though because I love these pictures! :)
+ 7 straight days of sun with NO rain
+ getting super duper tan
+ umbrellas in my drinks
+ meeting new friends...from Austria
+ having dinner with new friends and learning all about the Austrian culture
+ being able to gift our new friends something special (you'll find out what that is soon!)
+ lots of restaurant options: Italian /Spanish /Steakhouse /French /Mexican /Japanese /Asian /and more (Japanese & Italian were my favorite!)
+ midnight swims at the pool
+ trying new drink 1/2 beer, 1/2 Fanta. I didn't like it, but that's what the Austrians drink.
+ never setting an alarm clock
+ playing cards in bed
+ pop up art displays (we bought an amazing piece of art, I love it!)
+ beautiful things everywhere you looked....even the bark on the palm trees were beautiful to me
+ mid-day naps in the sun
+ swim up bars
+ a some-what entertaining magic show
+ locals that gave me a handmade beaded bracelet as a gift
+ relaxing pool side & taking walks on the beach
+ 90 minute romantic massages...even though they MADE us wear these little black speedos for it. hahaha!
+ celebrating our one year anniversary (early)
+ spending 7 straight days with my handsome hubby
Although there were tons to be happy about on our trip...we did experience some not-so-good things.

The Bad:
+ getting a little too much sun on the first day
+ fainting from heat exhaustion...and having our new friend CARRY ME to my hotel room (CV was taking a nap, or obviously he would have carried me!)
+ throwing up in bed (from sunburn/heat exhaustion)
+ CV fainting at a nice French restaurant
+ CV throwing up at a French restaurant while he was still unconscious
(THIS SERIOUSLY HAPPENED...and on the same exact day! The locals told me it happens all the time, but we were in disbelief that it happened to us. It was crazy!! And yes, I was totally freaking out at the restaurant when CV wasn't responding to me!!)
***No worries though, we are fine now! :)

+ having to eat room service because we had to leave the French restaurant
+ nobody spoke English. The locals don't speak it very well...and all the guests were from all over the globe...very few people were from the states. Not a big deal, but it did make getting directions to places pretty difficult.
+ having upset stomachs due to the water! We drank bottled water the entire time...but they wash lettuce/tomatos/dishes/etc in their tap water and even the smallest amount can make you sick. And even all their drinks are made with their ice cubes, and you can never be too confident about their filtration system.  We stayed at a 5-star resort and still got sick! :(
+ losing money at the casino
+ missing my little Paisley pup
Even though we had a few bumps on our trip...we still had a great time.
I mean, spending seven days with my hubby on a tropical can I even complain!?

Happy hump day everyone! :)


Jordon said...

You poor things! We honeymooned in the Dr and loved it. The locals had very broken english, but I thought all of them were SO NICE. Glad you had a great trip!!!

Jordon said...

You poor things! We honeymooned in the Dr and loved it. The locals had very broken english, but I thought all of them were SO NICE. Glad you had a great trip!!!

Brittany said...

First of all, gorgeous pictures and you're such a gorgeous couple! Spending time on the beach and at a swim-up bar sound like something I need pronto. That restaurant fiasco must have been terrifying! I got sun poisoning a few years ago and was throwing up, too. It's totally miserable, but other than that, the trip looks amazing! Also, I think this obviously calls for a trip to Austria. You have to maintain the friendship, right?

Candice Lynn said...

I need to hear about yall fainting?! what in the world? glad you had fun.

P!nky said...

Wow, sounds amazing with all the great things. Love your selftimer pictures :)!

Ugh, so bummed about too much sun and the fainting, no bueno! Glad y'all are okay

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Fainting?! Goodness! Love all your pictures...and the mention of the croissants are giving me a hankering ;)

Brianne Bracco said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Heat exhaustion is the worst and I am so glad you guys are fine. Through the upset tummies, I'm glad there was still plenty of goods. Plus, you guys look fab in every picture ;)

Sarah said...

So much fainting!! Hate that for you guys!

We made friends on our HM and it was the best, we still keep in touch with them. It was so funny to us to meet people on vacay but it turned out great, sounds like yours did too!

Erin LFF said...

Your poor thing! I always worry about getting sick while in another country and I'm so sorry it happened to you guys! :( I'm glad you're okay and the majority of the trip was amazing though!

Sarah Tucker said...

So sorry ya'll got sick!! I have heard the water there can make your tummy hurt. Other than that, I'm glass ya'll had a great time!

Meredith said...

wow, sounds like an adventure for sure.

Health, Love & Fire said...

Oh my goodness, I'm glad you had a good time and recovered from the sun exposure! Your photos look beautiful! Glad you got to enjoy a whole week with your hubby!!

Caleb Magness said...

OH my word -- that is insane!!! When we went in April Caleb got SO sick and it put him out for a day and a half. Throw-up-EVERYWHERE! I felt so bad...its good to know it clearly doesn't matter HOW much you pay, the water there is just a tad sketchy. But girl you took some AMAZING pictures!!!!! So neat about your new friends ;)

Allison said...

That's so crazy that you BOTH had episodes in the same day. Wow. Other than that it sounds/looks like a perfect trip. Beer and Fanta does NOT sound good either by the way. Haha.